How God blesses when things go wrong

I think after you read this,  you will understand why I’m so late in posting today.

Holy cow. Last week was some week. But God blessed my husband and me in the midst of it all. It meant putting one foot in front of the other. It meant making the best of a bad situation. I meant, most of all, counting our blessings.

So here’s the story.

We had planned on ten days at the cabin. We were going to finish painting the interior that we started on Memorial Day. It had just been too hot to get back to it.

So we got there Sat, Aug 25. It was rainy and hot and humid so we didn’t get to paint. The plan was to start Monday.

Monday arrived and it was steamy once again but we started anyway. Then we get some weather alerts about some really bad storms headed our way. We put up the painting supplies, etc and waited for the storm to hit.

We were even looking out the back door when I said to my hubby, “Hey, I think it passed us by.”

I mean the words were barely spoken when the rain literally dumped from the sky as if a truck had emptied its load in one quick action. The trees were bending over to the ground. We quickly shut the door and hoped for the best.

It was over in about fifteen minutes. We could hear branches hitting our metal roof and we just knew this was not going to be good.

When the storm flew away as quickly as it had flown in, we went outside. We did have two trees come down, the biggest one just a few yards from my adorable she-shed. Another came down in back of the cabin near the perimeter of the yard.

We were spared. The yard was a mess though. Lots of fallen branches, etc. But the power went out so we went to bed, got up the next morning, unloaded the refrigerator/freezer and headed home. That was Tuesday morning.

We unloaded at home and waited for updates for power restoration. Friday morning we got an alert that said we would have power that day by about noon, so-o-o-o-o we unloaded the refrigerator, etc, and headed back.

We got the yard cleaned up but still no power. I found some men working on the power lines and asked them when our power would be restored as we were getting mixed messages all day. They said by 2:00.

That time came and went. Remember, we had food in coolers, that even with ice, might not last too long. We tried to decide. Go home again or stay? We decided to take a drive to asses all the damage in the area. And it was extensive. We got a text while we were out that the power was restored and sure enough when we got back, it was.

So, we unloaded once again.

The next morning we started painting and again it was really humid. We do have a window air-conditioner in the cabin that helped but it was still really sticky. This is a tiny cabin and the area we were painting probably wasn’t 200 square feet but let me tell you it was a nightmare to paint. It is paneled and the previous owner used this deeply grooved trim at the ceiling and to hide the seams. And, then, of course, there are the grooves in the paneling.

It was a horrible job. Oh, and I forgot to mention. it required THREE coats!

We went to church Sunday but my husband felt he needed to keep painting that afternoon. Again, it was steamy and dark because, guess what?, another storm came through. This one wasn’t bad but it was really dark all day.

The next morning, I finished up above the archway. Now, you will probably find this hard to believe. But it took me three hours to paint a section about 8 ft long and 4″ high.

Are you wondering why?

Well, because it was between two pieces of trim that I wasn’t painting plus it had the groves, plus I was up and down the ladder like every foot, plus it required three coats.


But it is done. And I love it. I even got to do something I’ve always wanted to do.

I painted one wall kind of black. It’s called “Iron Ore” by SW. I love it. This is a tiny space but the area I painted dark is broken up with cabinets, etc, so I knew it would work. Hubby wasn’t quite so sure.

We had planned to come home this morning but another period of rain was predicted for that area so we quickly packed up again and came home yesterday. Unpacked again, took our walk, and collapsed.

This has been one whirlwind. But it’s done!!!! Oops, I forgot to tell you something.

We had already painted the cabin my favorite color, “Cottage White”, by Behr. But look how yellow it looks. Neither my husband nor myself could stand it so this was the second time painting for some of it. You know you’re married to a wonderful man when he agrees to repaint something. I love you, honey. Thanks.

The whiter parts you see is the new color, Greek Villa by SW.

cabin kitchen/DIY


cabin kitchen/DIY


cabin kitchen/DIY


My wonderful new “blackish” wall. I have great plans for that area under the cabinet doors. Need to hide a lot of it.

cabin kitchen/DIY

The spot above the valance that looks kind of splotchy dried better than it appears here. All the trim has yet to be painted but it won’t involve ladders, etc. I also have the lower cabinet to repaint.

And I’m still not sure about the sides of both those cabinets.

It was a busy, stressful, ten days. But more than that, it was ten days filled with gratitude. After all, when we lost power, it was an inconvenience but we had another home to go to. We never once felt sorry for ourselves. It was certainly exhausting but God blessed us with preserverance and the physical strength and enthusiasm we needed to get the job done. We didn’t suffer any damage to the cabin or the bunkhouse. There were plenty of homes with their roofs caved in. No food spoiled because we had a home to bring it, too. I’m sure many lost everything in their refrigerators/freezers.

Again, we were and are totally grateful.

Whew. I’m tired just after writing this. Now I’ve got to get on the elliptical because it’s still too hot and humid.

Will this never end?

God bless.

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