A very pretty fall dining room table arrangment

I’m sure I”m not the only one busy decorating for the fall.

Truth is, I don’t decorate for every season, only the fall and Christmas. I think it’s because I love making the cloth pumpkins we are seeing everywhere.

I was at a garage sale Sat and the two women (sisters) tried to get me to buy everything they had left. Of course, I didn’t but they still piled free stuff on me. Two of the items were red fuzzy scarves. I told them I would make a couple of fabric pumpkins for them out of the fabric. I don’t think they expected me to do it. But I did. Cute, huh?


DIY/fabric pumpkins

DIY/fabric pumpkins


DIY/fabric pumpkins

But back to my table centerpiece. This is pretty much what I did last year.

DIY/decorating/dining room



DIY/decorating/dining room

DIY/decorating/dining room



DIY/decorating/dining room


Don’t you love the grater “owl?

DIY/decorating/dining room

DIY/decorating/dining room


My daughter made my adorable mason jar rings wreath. I made it into a pumpking by adding a stem.

DIY/decorating/dining room


DIY/decorating/dining room

Now, after showing you this, guess what? I think I’m going to do something totally different. I’ll show you when I change it up.

I love the fall. It’s time for sweaters and tights and no more sweat!!! It’s time for hot tea and mittens and hats and scarves. It’s time for layering my clothes.

Do you enjoy the fall? Let me know.

God bless and have a good day.

PS Be sure to read tomorrow’s post. I’m going to show you some new pumpkins with the “tufting”. I think my way is the best.


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