Help. I’m being attacked by pumpkins!


I have this tendency to get obsessed on one project and then going overboard because I love it so much.

For a while, it was bottles, mason jars, and anything glass.

DIY/painted bottles.

Then it was scarves, knitted, and fabric.  These were cowl scarves from double-sided flannel.

DIY/scarves/Christmas 2016


These are all cowl scarves. I think I knitted about thirty of them that year. I always donate the scarves to our local mission store. scarves/Christmas 2016

Then it was jewelry. The necklace in the middle is made from “Sculpy”, the last one from paper.




DIY/necklacesNow, it’s cloth pumpkins.

DIY/ fall decorating


I made these little fuzzy ones for some women I met at a garage sale. They gave me two scarves so I said I’d make them into pumpkins for them. I delivered on that promise.

DIY/fabric pumpkins


Then I sent these to my daughter.

DIY/fabric pumpkins

DIY/fabric pumpkins

DIY/fabric pumpkins

I just finished up all these. They are designated to be “adopted”.

DIY/fabric pumpkins

DIY/fabric pumpkins

DIY/fabric pumpkins



This brown one is from an old sweater.

DIY/fabric pumpkins


This is what I used for the top. I found it at Dollar Tree. I like it better thananything I’ve used. It goes a long, long, way.

DIY/fabric pumpkins

Have you made any of these pumpkins this year? I’m dying to make some from velvet if I can find it really cheap. (thinking a dress form Goodwill.)

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day and God bless each of you.


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