A really new twist on fabric pumpkins.

So last week I showed you a bunch of fabric pumpkins I’ve made. What I didn’t show you was what I consider a great way to make the “sections” on the pumpkin without having to sew anything.

Here are the pumpkins I sent my daughter. By the way, I used driftwood and sticks for the stems. The driftwood is my favorite. The leaves on these pumpkins were stiffened fabric. The ones I showed you last week are cut from felt and old sweaters.

DIY/fabric pumpkins

DIY/fabric pumpkins

Here’s how I did it, step by step. (In pictures.) I like how the wire forms tendrils. Any size wire can be used. The wire is cut in long lengths because I knew I was going to made wire “tendrils”.

Add moss, raffia, jute or this shredded paper at the top.