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White pumpkins on a gold leaf candle holder

Sometimes inspiration just “strikes”.

I bought some little white pumpkins last week. I wanted to do something “sweet”¬†with just one of them. Does that make any sense? Can decorating be “sweet”? Apparently, in my venacular, it can be.

But what?

I put it on a small table I had just refinished but it looked kind of lost and too-all-one-level to suit me.

I immediately remembered a gold candle holder I had in our bedroom I remembered it also had leaves. Gold ones. White and gold. Yep, that’s sweet.

I brought it downstairs, put the candle on it, and it was a marriage made in heaven.

Here’s the candleholder. Looks cute even just like this.

DIY/decorating/white pumpkin


I dropped some leaves on the table and love how it looks.DIY/decorating/white pumpkin


DIY/decorating/white pumpkin

Aren’t you wondering why I’m not showing you the table Well, that’s for tomorrow? It’s not the “grain sack” table.

It’s another one.

I’ve been on a roll. Can you tell?

God bless and have a good day.

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