I just can’t help myself with the fall decorating!

Will I never be done with fall decorating? I’m just enjoying it so much. But I promise to quit with this post. On second thought, I have another project in mind………

Anyway,  don’t you love these black and white pumpkins?

autumnal/decorating, DIY


This is a pumpkin I drew with colored pencils. I couldn’t figure out how to use it so I taped it to my bread board. It with the perfect background


autumnal/decorating, DIY


My friend made this little satin pumpkin for me last week. It’s my very favorite.

autumnal/decorating, DIY


And I finally finished my dining room table decorating. It’s a little excessive for me but seeing as I see a move from this house in the not-so-distance future, I decided to go all out.

autumnal/decorating, DIY

autumnal/decorating, DIY

autumnal/decorating, DIY


The black bowls are some of my favorite DIY’s. They are your ordinary white pedestal bows you can find easily. I got them for free. Painted them black (Not chalk paint. I mean does everything have to be painted in chalk paint? And, by the way, you can distress any paint finish. I was doing it before there was even such a thing just so you know.)autumnal/decorating, DIY


Also, I’m experimenting with some editing programs on my phone. I noticed a couple of blogs recently that are using this kind of look and I’m trying to copy it. I don’t know if you remember, but I’m trying to avoid buying an expensive camera.
autumnal/decorating, DIY

autumnal/decorating, DIY

autumnal/decorating, DIY


Anyway, nothing profound today. Except for this. I saw this on a social media post yesterday and I wanted to share it. It really made an impression on me. In this season of thankfulness, it seems especially appropriate.

inspirational/autumnal/decorating, DIY

Isn’t that great? Something to think about.

God bless and have a wonderful day.

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