Hallmark Christmas mugs 2018CHRISTMAS

Coffee cups for the seasons. Who knew?

A number of Christmas’s ago I bought these adorable coffee cups at Hobby Lobby. I’ve had to hot glue them in a number of places.

Christmas mugs


You can see where I glued the mug on the left along the bottom.Christmas mugs


My husband is such a good sport about these even though they don’t hold much and we have to keep refilling them.


Well, for my birthday this year, my daughter bought these for me. Of course, she had to buy one for my hubby too. We’ll use these for our late afternoon cappuccinos and for hot tea when we’re watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Aren’t they fun?

Hallmark Christmas mugs 2018


I buy these mini-scones at our local grocery store. They are just great. I do have a wonderful recipe for lemon scones that are even better. But when I don’t bake those, these are a great substitute.

Hallmark Christmas mugs 2018


But before Christmas, we are using these.

Fall mugs

Fall mugs


The only problem with these is that, even with lids, they don’t keep coffee hot.

Fall mugs

Fall mugs

Now I need to get mugs for spring and summer. Somehow though, that just doesn’t seem as necessary, does it? I mean fall and winter is all about cozying up,m sipping on hot drinks, and watching Hallmark movies.

Don’t you agree? I mean haven’t you noticed how little there is to watch on TV anymore? We have Amazon Prime and I have dozens of movies saved but we often have to quit watching them because of the violence, the language, and the graphic sexual scenes.

Yes, Hallmark is “smalchzy” and totally predictable. But the movies are clean, no one is yelling or swearing, etc. Personally, I’d rather live in a Hallmark world. Wouldn’t you, really?

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying this cold snap. Not so sure I am. I hate really hot, humid weather but this is too cold too soon.

God bless and have a wonderful day.