quaint Christmas town/inspirationalCHRISTMAS

It’s that time again. Read this to find out what it’s time for.

It’s that time, everyone.

The Hallmark Christmas movies have begun! They’re predictable and “schmaltzy”, just what a Christmas movie should be. If you need to get in the Christmas spirit, watch a Hallmark movie.

quaint Christmas town/inspirational

Here are some possible scenarios:

There is the usual “mixer” catastrophe when the batter spatters everywhere.

There are burnt cookies and lopsided gingerbread houses.

There’s always some sort of totally avoidable disaster.

There is the takeover of the factory, the lodge, the restaurant, etc, by some big, mean big city corporation.

There is lost memory due to any diverse number of unusual circumstances.

There are princes and princesses.

There is the “chance” (yea, right) meeting of the two main love interests.

There are the department store Christmas windows.

There is the “disconnect” at the beginning between the guy and the girl.

There are gingerbread and cookie contests.

There are perfect little coffee shops in perfect little towns where the mounding snow is just where it should be unless of course, the hero or heroine, needs to fall so the star-crossed lovers can meet. (By the way,  did you know most Hallmark movies are filmed in British Columbia?)

There are perfect snowflakes and it only snows when it’s supposed to.

falling snow/inspirational

There is perfect hair. (I mean, seriously, who looks that good all the time?)

There is always a misunderstanding.

There’s the time travel (either back or ahead).

Oh, and the love attraction is always between younger people. I mean, what’s up with that? Just once I’d like to see a Hallmark movie where the main characters are over fifty, maybe even sixty. Hmmm, think I’ll write it.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few plots.

What there isn’t is violence, foul language, explicit sex scenes, (actually there aren’t even suggestive sex scenes), meanness (only the humorous kind), murder, mayhem, hate……

One of my favorites? “A Very Merry Mix-Up” My husband and I watch it every year. Yep, my husband likes Hallmark movies.

A very Merry mix-up/Christmas/inspirational

We also love the Acorn channel because it’s British TV and we love British TV shows.

Do you see why I love them? I want predictable and mushy. I want a world of hot chocolate with peppermint sticks, fresh-baked cookies, cozy jammies, and fuzzy slippers, ……I want a world where everyone smiles at each other, where everyone is friendly, where everyone helps his neighbors.

I particularly want a world of no politics.  And I don’t know where that exists except in a Hallmark movie.

So don’t be ashamed. Declare your love of Hallmark movies wherever you go. There are a lot of “closet” watchers out there.

God bless and have a great day.

PS. I went to the Hallmark website that gives the guidelines for writing a Hallmark book. And guess what one of the guidelines were?

All Hallmark books (thus the movies) have to have a happy ending.


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  1. Right and that’s what is so great. Wouldn’t be nice if we could wrap up everything with a bow? Thanks, and God bless.