The time is approaching. Here’s my current mess.

I’ve been under the weather a little and when I see this, it doesn’t help.DIY/Decorating/Christmas


In case you’re wondering, this is only about half of the boxes and doesn’t count the items stored on shelves in the basement, and the items I’ve already put out. Seriously, I have a lot of Christmas!

I’m going to do a count of how many trees I have (not counting little ones) and I’ll be surprised if it isn’t close to a hundred. What can I say, I like trees. I like painting pictures of trees, I like walking in the woods, etc. I love decorating with trees at Christmas time. I like decorating with snowmen and snowflakes and animals. The only Santa’s I have were gifts from one of my best and oldest friends. They are paper mache and look like they’re from another time and place. They’re some of my favorite items.

But here’s an irony for you. I do not like Christmas trees, the big ones you have to put lights on and decorate. It’s not that I really don’t like them, but it’s the one part about Christmas decorating I really dislike. So this year we’re not putting one up, except a small one for the grandkids that’s already lit and decorated.

The house told me she won’t miss the big one at all.

When we bought this old farmhouse, we bought it during the Christmas season mostly because of how it was decorated. It’s the perfect home to decorate. Whenever we decide to move, it will be hard.

Ordinarily, I don’t take everything all at once but I’ve been reading some blogs that do it this way and on some demented level, it makes sense, although I am questioning my sanity right now.

My dear husband brought up some boxes for me the other day. He said, “I think there’s only one more.”

He has no idea.

We are only getting started.

I have to tell you, it’s making me anxious. I don’t like clutter and I have a lot of it at this moment. I was at my friend’s house yesterday though, and hers looked the same.

Of course, it’s self-inflicted. I must say, however, it does get me in the mood. We are heading to our daughters across the state Thursday morning and won’t be back till Sat, so I hope to have it all put up and away by then.

I always edit what I have and almost always get rid of a few items every year.

If you need some craft ideas, here are a few I ran across.  This first one I found at Hobby Lobby and would be so easy to replicate. Could use ball fringe for the snowflake and scrapbook paper for the backing. A small frame and you’re done.

DIY/ Christmas


This would be easy as well and if you could use sturdy paper for the shape.

DIY/ Christmas


This idea I saw in a magazine but could be found on Pinterest. I’ve already bought the supplies to make this.
DIY/ Christmas


This is also from a magazine. I think you can figure it out just from the picture. It’s from old sweaters, some ribbon, greenery, and beads. But again, you could make this out of paper.

DIY/ Christmas

Anyway, I have to go. You don’t have to ask why do you? Whatever your “mess” is today I hope it’s no more serious than mine.

This is the season to be especially grateful. Let’s be “rejoice and be glad’ and remember all those who are recent victims of fires, hurricanes, and gun violence. Remember them in your prayers and with your monetary contributions.

God bless.

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  1. You are so welcome. I have a lot of DIY’s coming up but figure most people will not look at them this week. Too busy with Thanksgiving. God bless and have a great day.