Gosh. Even more quick Christmas gift ideas.

(I meant to post this morning but I was lookkng for a tutorial for this felted wool Christmas tree. I found this. I think you could just glue the rounds together. I haven’t read the instructions on this one.)DIY/felted Christmas tree)

What do you suppose this is?

DIY/Christmas  ‘

It’s a Christmas tree made from “rounds” of felted wool (wool that has been washed and shrunk in the dryer). I used old sweaters.

I made a number of these years ago. There is a sturdy wire pushed up through the layers. I brought it up through the top and wrapped it around a wooden star. At the bottom, the wire is just kind of twisted together and bent flat so it will stand up. You can bend them into funky shapes as well. This is such a fun, quick and easy project.




These platters are Dollar Tree platters painted whatever color you choose. I then cut out scrapbook paper and glued them on the platter. The “Joy” word is hot glued onto the tray. Easy, Peasy.



DIY/Christmas  DIY/Christmas

If the word isn’t the right colore, you can paint them. If it covers up too much of the glitter, you could always sprinkle on more.




God bless and I hope you hjave a really wonderful day.

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