Christmas candle craft/2017CHRISTMAS

An insanely quick DIY from the Dollar Tree

I made these last year for a friend. I also made matching Christmas napkins from the same napkins.

I’ve already posted these pictures but I’m posting again (and very early in the day) just in case you need a last minute gift. You don’t even have to be “crafty” to pull this off.

Dollar Tree has plain tall plain pillar type candleholders with a candle inside. Do I have to say they’re one dollar?

Anyway, you will see that I scooped out a section of the candle and place a tea candle inside because otherwise, once the original candle burns, you no longer have a candle so I thought to try this idea instead. The only drawback is that the metal underside of the candle will probably melt some of the original candle wax so maybe there’s a way to counter that. I didn’t have time to figure that part out. It would have to be something that doesn’t conduct heat and won’t burn.

So because they are so inexpensive your gift recipient could consider them disposable I suppose and throw the container away when it’s burned down. Of course, I would be cleaning out the was residue and using them as a vase. I put old candle holders in the microwave and melt the was and then pour out the residue.

I used fabric but you could use scrapbook paper, ribbon, wrapping paper, burlap, jute, wire, anything that can be wrapped and adhered to the vase.


I used a plain old glue stick for this project. Doublesided tape would also work.


Christmas candle craft/2017

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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