What a Christmas miracle looks like. It’s not a Hallmark movie.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful.

Mine was but in some very unexpected but blessed ways.

Sometimes a Christmas miracle isn’t all warm and cozy, like in those predictable but wonderful Hallmark movies. I mean the greatest miracle of all was born in a smelly manager.

Isn’t it funny how we put our spin on things when reality shows us something entirely different.

Sometimes a Christmas miracle is a deeper look into ourselves. In fact, I think Christmas is meant to do just that. Christmas comes at the end of the year.

It’s a time to challenge ourselves.

It’s a time to question ourselves.

It’s a time to evaluate what our faith should “look”  like on us.

I had such an opportunity over the holidays. I’m glad I’ve experienced as much grace and mercy as I have because I was able to extend it to others. And it came back to me a thousandfold.

The details aren’t important. The Bible says we shouldn’t be so quick to share publicly an insight God has given us.

What is important is that maybe you think about this past Christmas season.

Could it be that God spoke to you this Christmas season and what you thought was maybe some uncomfortable moments was really your Christmas miracle.

If you start to think about miracles as something other than the expected and comfortable., you might realize you were presented with a miracle yourself.

God is never more present than when we are celebrating Him, when the world, for one short season, is willing to talk about Him, celebrate Him, open their hearts to Him.

The season is still here.

We have the rest of December to think about God’s love.

God bless you and have a great day.

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