I’ve been AWl, but God never is.

I’ve not been posting as regularly these past couple of weeks.

We are busy remodeling the basement and that has turned into a “huger”” job than we thought. I mean most remodeling projects do tend to go that way, don’t they?

What’s that old saying, “It takes twice as long and cost twice as much.” And we’re not even doing anything extravagant. This project is just for us, to make going do the basement more appealing for working-out and enjoying our hobbies.

Anyway, we hope to finish up enough next week so we can add finishing touches as we go along. You know, the fun part.

But I can give you a little peak at the inspiration. Believe it or not, it’s flannel. But why not? It’s just for cushion for the outdoor chairs we use downstairs. We have no plans to add upholstered chairs. Keeping it simple. Besides, it’s not a space we will be using for lounging. For the most part, we will either be exercising or add or respective tables doing our thing.

Diy/basement remodel/fabric/inspiration

Interesting, huh. So I’m going kind of Bohemian, elective, Native American. Is that even a decorating style?

I wish remodeling a life could get done in a few months, don’t you?

I mean, I think of the things I’ve been working on for years, like patience, and wish I could wave a magic wand and arrive at total spiritual maturity just that quickly. Alas, it just doesn’t happen that way, does it?

So instead, I come to this place every morning asking for wisdom and guidance from God, knowing that He loves me no matter what. And especially knowing that He never stops calling me closer and closer to Him.

The truth is, I won’t get to that place until I reach eternity and then, guess what?

It won’t matter.

We need to somehow find a way to be content on our journey to wholeness while at the same time never being willing to settle for the status quo.

God bless you on your own journey and remember, it doesn’t matter what our spiritual “style” is, God loves us and is always calling us to a deeper relationship with him.

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