More about prayer from someone who is still learning.

The other day I wrote about prayer and addressed a couple of issues. You can read that here

Today’s posts might seem trivial when considering such an important topic. Yet, I think these less-important issues surrounding prayer are what get in the way at times and cause us to doubt ourselves.

What is the correct posture?

I used to sit in a comfortable chair but because I’ve added other elements to my devotional time, I now sit at the kitchen table. I need the room for spreading out the various tools I use during this time.

I don’t pray in bed as my usual practice. I find that I don’t pay attention as well. But others might be able to. There are times in the evening while I might pray because of a pressing issue and I’m pretty much praying all the time anyway.

I don’t pray in the car. When we are in the car, we are to be focusing on our driving. Period. Praying while driving is as much a distraction as texting, eating, etc. I might offer a quick prayer if there’s an emergency but I do not pray any prayer of any length while I’m driving. No one should. 

As you can tell, I have a strong opinion about this you might not share. But how many times have you seen a driver drive erratically and dangerously and they have the “fish” symbol on the back of their car?  What kind of witness is that?  

Well, what kind of witness would you have if you got into an accident because you were praying and not paying attention? What if someone got hurt? How would you feel if you hurt someone?

Eyes closed? Eyes open?

My husband prays with his eyes open. I pray with my eyes shut. You should use the method that works best for you. I concentrate better with my eyes closed. Others concentrate better with their eyes open. Enough said.

Silently or out loud?

I pray out loud and here’s why.

I never used to but I feel my prayers have become more effective since I started praying out loud.

I find the more I hear my own words, the more I pray honestly.

The more I hear my own words, the more I’m aware when I sound selfish.

The more I hear my own words, the more I hear my whining.

I find I might well change my prayers midstream when I hear my words and realize they are sounding too routine.

Praying out loud is a great way to give yourself your own feedback. (On second thought, maybe I’ve just talked you out of praying out loud.) 

A few months ago I found a website that listed all the prayers of the Bible. There are over two hundred of them.

The longest prayer in the Old Testament can be found here. It might take a whole seven or eight minutes to read out loud.

The longest prayer in the New Testament can be found here.

The shortest prayer can be found here.  It’s a total of five words.

As you can see, we don’t have to be scared away from praying because we think we don’t have time, or that we have to follow certain rituals. My best advice?

Just start praying. God hears all sincere prayer. Learn as you go. 

Maybe one of these days I’ll write a series of posts about prayer. But even if I did, I wouldn’t come close to exhausting the subject. No one else has either. 

Hope this helped you if you are struggling.

God bless and have a good day. 

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