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(I am reposting this today with some changes. I want to be clear in what I say. I’ve spent the last week reviewing a number of books focusing on the subject of depression. I read some new resources. There is nothing I found that would cause me to change my original premise, that we can overcome depression. There is just too much evidence that says otherwise.)

What happens when you can no longer use your depression as an excuse?

We can get so comfortable with our depression that it becomes our mantra. It’s convenient. It’s a way to keep people away. It’s a way to avoid putting ourselves “out there”, to interact with all phases of our life.

“I can’t do that. I’m feeling too “down.”

“I’m just not up to that today”.

“I don’t feel like company today”.

“That’s just too overwhelming.”

“I’m sorry I yelled. It’s just I’m so depressed”.

Etc, etc, etc.

For example, depression may be a “blankie” we hide under for a while. It might actually be the way we feel secure. It’s what we know. It feels safe because it IS what we know. so we stay there and let everyone else pick up the pieces. That’s OK for a while.

And I’m NOT suggesting we can just pick ourselves up and get going. No way. Depression is such a heavy cloud hanging over us that we can barely hold our heads up.

But I am saying anyone who has ever conquered anything has reached a point where they said, “No more! No more excuses. I’m going to do this.”

Healing truly begins when we say to ourselves, “Enough is enough. I am going to get better. I will do what I have to do. I will take medication I have to take. I will stop whatever is causing my depression to get worse. I will learn new ways of thinking, behaving, talking, etc. I am going to get better. I am.”

Will you rise to the challenge today?

Is today the day you say, “No more”?

What would happen if you gave up using your depression as an excuse to avoid life? If you only started here, meaning no longer using depression as an excuse anymore to avoid people, situations, etc., you would be surprised at how much better you would feel.

(I want to add here that when I use the word excuse, I am not implying we all use depression as an excuse to avoid people, situations., etc. Some people are quite capable of fooling everyone. I was, too. By excuse, I mean that many people who are depressed do use their depression as way to avoid life in some way or another. Not everyone who is depressed exhibits it the same way. As with everything we read, we need to ferret out what applies to us and what doesn’t.)

It’s going to be hard, this whole healing process. Your eyes will be opened to your own involvement in your depression. It doesn’t matter how you ended up in the pit, it only matters that you get out. And getting out that pit may be different for each of you.

I had to reach that place where I said, “I’m through with this. I’m moving on no matter what it takes. Depression has already robbed me of too much”.

How long will you continue to be robbed of the joy of living?

God is already ahead of you on this journey. He’s waiting right in the middle of the road. You don’t have to be a “super-Christian” for Him to show up for you.

He simply will because He loves you.

God bless you on this journey to health. I know you can do it.

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