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God surprised me again. I never saw it coming.

We were at our cute little cabin last week.


I planned on spending a great deal of time in my she-shed. I’ve been redecorating it in a pink and sweet and “girly”. Kinda’ “frenchy meets eclectic meets farmhouse.”

My friend made a sign for me “LaCabinette” that is nailed to the eave of the she-shed. I was looking forward to sitting there on my porch (inside if raining), reading, thinking, praying, and writing. (I felt the she-shed exterior should match the cabin. But I didn’t want more red, black and white in the interior as I wanted something really girly.)

I knew that all but three days were scheduled but I thought, “Hey, three days are good.”

But God had other plans. One of those three days was taken up by an unplanned visit by our son and his family. But that was wonderful and I loved every minute it. That was the first surprise.

They left in the afternoon but not before our grandson said he’d be back the next day to fish with his Grandpa. I still had two days. “Hey, two days are good.”

So that night our grandson calls to say he is coming up but his girlfriend was coming as well and “Could we have a girls day together?” How could I say no?

Now, I was down to one day. “Hey, one day is good.”

I was wondering. How was I going to entertain her for one whole day? Would we have anything in common?

Turns out we had a blast. She loves thrift shopping. If you’ve followed my blog for very long, you know it’s one of my passions as well. We hit three stores and found lots of great bargains.

She is going to be an elementary teacher and we found dozens of kids books, and items for her room.

We had a great lunch at an upscale but inexpensive restaurant. Later we met my husband and grandson at another restaurant as they hadn’t eaten. So we joined them and had iced tea while they ate.

We then headed back to the cabin. Our conversation on the way home was truly God-led. I got to know her so much better and am so happy she is in my grandson’s life.

At the same time, as my husband rode back to the cabin, our grandson told him our opinion of his girlfriend was very important to him. I melted when my husband told me that. How blessed my husband and I are that our grown grandchildren still seek our opinion and blessing.

So I had my “one day” which was very profitable. But all those other days meant so much more.

Isn’t it wonderful how God always knows what is best for us? And isn’t it even greater that God can surprise us even after years of serving Him?

I’m not fond of surprises but God’s are always welcomed because I know they’re for my best. And I’m always blessed.

Have a great day and God bless.

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