When you’re given lemons, do you REALLY have to make lemonade?

Most of the time, I think the answer is probably, “Yes”.

In the long run, it does pay to make the best out of a bad situation.

But maybe sucking on those lemons for a little while helps sometimes.

We absolutely need to admit we’ve been given lemons. We need to admit we don’t like what’s happening.

Sometimes it’s best to give in and admit to the sourness of our situation.

Sometimes it’s best to suck on those lemons.

It’s all about the timing.

I think it’s when we get so tired of fighting we just have to give up the battle for a while.

I think those are the times we walk away, get by ourselves and cry out to God. We let him know we think this situation is unfair. I mean what’s the point of pretending otherwise? Why do we even try to pretend in front of an all-knowing, and all-understanding God anyway?

We complain.

We cry.

We suck on those lemons for a while.

We act like Jonah for a while and God even provides shelter while we do. For Jonah, God provided a sheltering and shade-producing vine. Maybe our shelter is grace or time.

But we don’t stay there like Jonah did, licking his wounds. (Remember how God took away that vine and left Jonah in the sweltering heat? Don’t want that, do you?)

Instead, we get it out of our system and make a plan to move forward.

We realize we can find a way to make a little lemonade from those lemons.

lemons and lemonade

We dig deep and realize there is something to praise God for today.

We can quit sucking on those lemons in our life.

Have a great day and God bless each of you.

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