Do you know who really has your back?

Did you ever find yourself in a rough patch?

You feel in over your head.

Everything, body, mind, emotions, circumstances all feel as though they’ve taken on a common cause. And that cause is to bring you down.

You don’t know which to tackle first.

Well, this post will not tell you that, where to attack first. This post is all about who is in the struggle with you.

Here’s what many say,

“There are times God chooses not to lift the darkness because in any circumstance in our life, it has passed through God’s hands first; He is allowing it. There is some great purpose.

OK. I want you to ignore what I just wrote. I have often said something similar myself when trying to explain a difficulty in my life that God is not removing. It is the Christian’s flip way of trying to soothe their own pain or someone else’s’.

It’s pablum. It’s trite. It looks great in a meme!

I don’t know and neither does anyone else nor can anyone prove it, why we encounter great difficulties in our lives. The Bible does teach in James that we grow through adversity. Certainly, there are examples of this throughout scripture and life in general. But to try and explain it in terms of “personal purpose” is a vain exercise. And I believe it causes more harm than good.

As long as we come up with a reason we are likely to use it as an excuse. We won’t admit to our pain and we won’t take it to the only place we should, to God. Instead, we will search our Bibles trying to find just that right verse that explains it all. Please, if you have found it, tell me where. Remember I am not talking about the ultimate reason, which is to bring glory to God.

But the Bible is full of wonderful words meant to encourage us and give us hope. It is full of wonderful words that tell us God is with us in this, whatever the “this” is, that we can hide under His wings, that He is a refuge for our hurting soul. And we do know that God’s glorification is the end result of all experiences here on earth.

But to try and find that particular reason is futile and generally is a waste of precious time.

We could be concentrating on what we are promised and what we do know that is already revealed.

Besides, whatever difficulties we encounter, we can always look around and find those in far worse situations. We can also look around and find those who are better off, no pain, no problems, more money, prettier, smarter, more talented, all the “ers” and the “ests”.

I think we are chasing our tails when we try to explain and rationalize every struggle we encounter by clinging to “It’s for a greater purpose” or “There is a reason for everything.” Who are we trying to convince anyway? Do we honestly believe that everything we encounter has an explanation? That it should have an explanation?

Rebecca Platt

Why do we do that?

Why can’t we just remember that God knows all about our struggles? He sees our pain. Why can’t we just exclaim in great wonder,

“Why, God knows all about this! I don’t have to figure it out.”

That is faith.

Faith is not searching for the “Why?”, but trusting the “Who.” Rebecca Platt

I hope this helped you today.

God bless and have a great one.

ps. Remember, there are times we don’t just sit back and take refuge. We examine our walk with God to see if we’re somehow responsible for our own spiritual struggles. We go to the doctor if we experience physical problems. We take medication. We seek help.