Month: July 2019

What you can do with paint sticks and an empty bean can.

Near our cabin, there is a grocery store/hardware/store/hunting store.

When we first bought the cabin, we were told to check it out. They are also known nation-wide for their jerky. Of course, I could care less about that. You might as well eat leather.

Anyway, they have the coolest little paint sticks. They are smaller than what you get at the big home improvement stores. I’ve been dying to do something with them so when I had an empty tin can, the taller ones from the larger size pork ‘n’ beans, I knew I had to combine them.

First, I stained the stick with whatever stain I had laying around.

Then I hot glued them onto the tin can.

I added jute, plopped in some artificial greens from Hobby Lobby, and voila’. In pictures four and five, look closely and you can see the tin can. Of course, you could also use fresh flowers.

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