How to make a really quick Christmas craft.

These next two projects I did last year. I loved how they turned out.

They are both little pictures/signs that Dollar Tree stocks for every season.   For this first one, I panted the frame black and then glued scrapbook paper to the front, and used some Washi tape on the edges. I painted it even though I knew I was going to cover it just to make sure nothing underneath showed. I hot glued the snowman head (Dollar Tree as well.) and then prayed some artificial snow.

Christmas DIY/Dollar Tree/Snowman head

Christmas DIY/Dollar Tree/Snowman head

Christmas DIY/Dollar Tree/Snowman head

This next project was the same process except this time I used the frame from the backside so the snowman head would be inside the frame, not on the outside. I glued a green rhinestone trim from Dollar Tree around the edge. I added some fake fluffy snow after which I sprayed more snow over top. I added two red beads to this one.

I think both of these took me less than thirty minutes. Dollar Tree is carrying the snowmen and little pictures again this year. You could also make one with stars as well. I did that last year as well but darn if I know where it is. In that case I stacked three stars on top of each other.

Christmas DIY/Dollar Tree/Snowman head

Christmas DIY/Dollar Tree/Snowman head

Christmas is fun, I agree. But it’s so much more than fun. Something miraculous happened that night and it changed the world. And that same message can change live today.

It certainly changed mine.

For some reason, when I’m creating I feel close to God. I think that’s because God has created each of us with a creative “spark”. I talked to someone the other day about how being creative doesn’t just apply to painters and writers.

A really good cook is an artist. The lab tech that has drawn my blood over the last few months is an artist. I don’t even feel the needle. AT ALL!

A quilter? Oh, my goodness, they are certainly artists.

And I guess as I think about it some more, why wouldn’t God create in us something that makes us feel close to Him? If we are created in His image, then that means we are creative in some way or another.

Don’t sell yourself short. Think about what you do well. That makes you an artist.

God bless you.

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