How does God speak to us?

Perhaps the better question is, “Why does God speak to us”. But He does and we should all consider that a blessing beyond all blessings.

As a child, Samuel heard God call his name. He thought it was Eli. But it was God.

Can you even imagine?

But God speaks to us now as well, mostly through his word, but also through prayer, circumstances and people.

God is always reaching out to us. Does anything touch our lives if God is not in it? Do we recognize his voice or do we think it’s only a mere occurrence?

When circumstances are weighing heavy on us, we should learn to say, “Speak, Lord”. Then we should make time to listen.

And especially when we sense that our circumstances are more of a “chastening” or the “disciplining” hand of God. As we learn to listen, our hearing improves and we learn to hear God all the time.

When we find ourselves in circumstances that are particularly distressing, we can be sure God is speaking, think Saul on the road to Damascus. Or Elijah in the cave.

Circumstances are the language we often hear best and God seems to get through to us more with this method than any others.

And then there are the other ways God speaks to us.

Many Christians express doubt about whether what they hear is from God or just their own thoughts. That’s a big subject.

Just let me mention this fool proof point.

Whenever you are in doubt, remember, God’s voice (his instruction) is always, always, consistent with his written word. But, of course, you need to know his word, to know that. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds if you are looking for a particular verse to give you direction for a very specific question.

For example, the Bible does not state that going to the movies is wrong. But it does state in many places that we are to live holy lives. We are to live lives that draw others to God. All we do should bring him honor, so we might want to have a set of standards in place for those movies.

For example, I would be very uncomfortable to have someone see me enter a theater to attend an R-rated movie that is laced with profanity and sex scenes.

I think that once we become attuned to God’s voice, once we’ve learned to recognize how he speaks to us, our thoughts are very often his way of speaking to us.

Anytime my thoughts are such that they bring edification to me or others, I know they are from God.

But what about negative thoughts? Are all negative thoughts then from satan? (I never capitalize satan’s name.) I would say it this way, a negative thought is not necessarily a destructive thought, and a negative thought can still have a positive outcome.

For example, let’s say my thoughts have been turned to an area of my life that needs some spiritual “tweaking”. Are those thoughts negative? In a sense they are, but if those thoughts lead me to grow in that area, that’s a positive outcome.

A book I highly recommend, is “Hearing God” by Dallas Willard. There are probably easier books out there but this is a classic and highly recommended by many pastors and scholars.

Of course, I’m referring today to everyday living. But there are those times when we hearing God might require some serious work.

Those are the times we:

  • PRAY
  • READ

The bigger the decision the longer all this takes but remember if you have a habit of listening to God about the ordinary things of life, you can rest assured he will speak to you about the big things.

For me, it kind of works like this.

If it’s a “big” thing, I find God leads me to all kinds of resources long before I need them. It’s like a process. Then, when the time comes to make a decision, I can look back and see his direction right along and I just know what decision to make.

Wednesday I will share how his has just happened about something I had been wondering about.

God is always wanting intimate communication with us. It’s his heart’s desire.

God bless and have a great day.

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