Boy. God just continues to amaze!

I wrote earlier this week about how I love it when God gets His way in my life by interrupting my plans even if I am not always a willing participant. Just sayin’

Well, God has been giving me tenacity way beyond my normal capacity.

I’ve been trying to take this blog to the next level by figuring out to interface with PicMonkey, and A big learning curve. As you know, I have some e-books I’m wanting to get to you and I want to design my own covers.

As of today, I think I have it figured out. I’m getting very comfortable with Canva and Pic Monkey and can maneuver my way around most of the programs successfully. That may not seem like a lot to you but it is to me.

But, I’m doing it! YEA I’m surprising myself.

God has an amazing way of just bringing everything together in his time. I don’t really get that part. I really don’t. It seems to me that all of this could have happened a long time ago but then something else I read reminded me that God has been preparing me my entire life. It’s not up to me to tell the Potter what to do with His clay.

I was really giving myself a hard time because I was having trouble accessing my google photos across all my devices. My son helped me figure all that out. And it’s a common issue when you try to interface Apple products with Android products.

Yea. Another problem figured out.

Challenges can be good. It’s even kind of fun figuring out something complex. I just told my husband my brain is currently fried. This has been a lot of learning about a lot of different things. I’ve sat at this computer for so long, my derriere is pretty sore.

Learning how to manage my SIBO is another of those learning curves. Learning all I can about bacterial overgrowths, keeping a food diary, keeping a water-drinking diary, etc. But I’m getting there.

And then, of course, there has been our son’s health and surgeries.

So when I say God has been interrupting my plans, I haven’t been kidding.

Have you had some of these same experiences?

It’s unusual that God makes it obvious why He’s redirecting us. But in this case, I think God did just that. He allowed these interruptions to see just how determined I am to follow him. How faithful will I be?

I have not given up. The first e-book, “How To Find Your Call” is now presently with my editor (Lucky for me, it’s my daughter who actually is an editor, although not in a firm that can get me published, so there’s that). I finally just had to quit editing and call it good. I mean you can go over and over what you’ve written until you just are going in circles.

Besides, I read books all the time by very successful authors that have grammatical errors and syntax issues that are evident. I guess there is always that point when something just has to be considered done.

Anyway, if you have experiencing interruptions in your life, remember, if God is behind them, there is a reason and it’s all for our benefit.

I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless you.