Well, I apologize. I’ve had computer trouble.

I was so hoping I’d be publishing my e-book today. But my computer, or me, or the evil forces out there, are really messing with my mind today.

It’s nothing I haven’t done before but the computer is just not listening to me this time. I’m wondering if it’s because all the activity now is messing with the airwaves or whatever waves have to do with computers.

But I did have a fun morning.

I think I mentioned that sometimes in my Bible study I start checking out something and that leads to something else and then I’m like Alice in Wonderland heading down the rabbit hole. I think I chased that rabbit for a couple of hours.

Well, today was just such a day.

I was in the last chapter of Matthew and was reading the discourse between Jesus and Peter when Peter asks Jesus, after Peter got his own orders, “What about him?” meaning John.

Well, believe it or not, that led me to what order the New Testament books were written. Don’t ask. Then, how old were the disciples when they wrote their books.

James is the first book, thus the oldest, and Colossians is the second. (You probably knew that. I had forgotten that.)

I also learned that some theologians suggest that Paul may have had some input into his letters from other people as he often includes other names in the beginning of his epistle like here in Colossians 1:1:

“Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother…”

The fact that he doesn’t do it all the time suggests these other people may have had some input because he does include their names. Obviously, there are varying theological opinions. I have no problem if Paul asked for someone’s opinion then felt he should give them some credit.

There again, he might have just meant “the two of us send greetings” and the rest is Paul’s words because he only uses the singular pronoun throughout.

It’s just something to ponder and I love to ponder.

Check it out.

I also found it interesting as to the ages of each disciples when they wrote their books.

So I had more questions like,

Why didn’t each disciple write a book?

Why did Luke write a gospel when he wasn’t a disciple?

Why did most of them wait so many years to write?

I mean all fascinating stuff, huh?

Can you tell I wished I had gone to divinity school? I would’ve loved every minute of it but I would have been a teacher’s worst nightmare.

Because of all the rabbit holes.

So that’s what today has been like. Fighting with my computer and chasing rabbits.

Here’s a couple of pictures from Easter. No, we didn’t have company. It was just hubby and me but I was pretending we did. We had a “virtual” Easter as so many of you. The grandkids thought it was so funny that I set the table for them.

The cupcakes were to die for. That is a blackberry frosting made from blackberries I cooked down and used that as the liquid for the buttercream frosting. Yum.

Anyway, I hope I get this book out this week.

God bless and stay safe.