Do the winds of happiness move too quickly?

I wrote this a number of years ago. Thinking back to this day brings such happy memories. This was the last time my friends I and were able to have lunch here as it burned down shortly after that. The owners are not rebuilding. 

But this post reminds me of how happiness should be relished when we can. Lunch with friends overlooking Lake Michigan. Dinner with family. It’s all good but it’s also fleeting.

“I started this blog to help anyone who struggles with depression. And the curious thing about happiness and depression, the up and the down of life, is that for people prone to depression, they are so glad for happy days that sometimes they set themselves up for a “down” day the next. That’s just the nature of life. It’s common to feel a little “low” after a day of “high”.  Over the years, I’ve worked on this roller-coaster aspect of life.

While I still really enjoy my happy days, I no longer put such importance on them, that they set me up for failure the next. A happy day is a happy day. A bad day is a bad day. Neither has to reign over my emotions. 

“This is a short post today. I’m getting ready to go to lunch at a lodge on Lake Michigan. It’s an annual trip for my friends and I. We love sitting outside overlooking the lake.  It’s an incredibly beautiful day today with just a hint of the approaching fall. It’s a quiet day.  I always get a little nervous when the day seems too perfect to be true.

Tonight my hubby and I are bringing dinner to our son and his family who live just a couple of blocks away. Their lives are hectic and it gives us all a chance to enjoy each other’s company. I’ve already baked the pork roast and pulled the meat for the BBQs. I’ll bake brownies when I get home.  I’m kind of loving this day but I’m a smart woman. I haven’t successfully beat depression these past nine years without learning a few things.

One of those things I’ve learned is to be grateful for days like this, to relish the moments but also to be very aware that a perfect day can become an imperfect one in a heartbeat.  It happens all the time.  How many times have we heard people say “everything changed in a heartbeat.” The diagnosis. The accident. The job loss. The death.

I think perhaps a good day is appreciated even more when we just take a moment to realize that others have had days just like this and then “everything changed in a heartbeat.

We certainly shouldn’t go around expecting the other shoe to fall. That would be a hard way to live. But what I am suggesting is that we remember that life can change quickly. Don’t expect every day to great. That’s just not the nature of an ever-evolving life and a changing world.

Certainly, our lives seemed to have changed overnight due to this pandemic. Who would have thought when we first heard of Covid-19 that we would be quarantined for so long? That we wouldn’t be able to go to our churches? Eat out?……

In my view, happiness is highly overrated. A feeling of well-being, and peace with God seems much more important to me than the fleeting nature of happiness.Tweet

Love your happy days but keep them in perspective. Not every day can be a happy day.

God bless and have a good day.

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