What is your perfect day? I think I had one.

It isn’t often I have what I could call a “perfect”day.

Today was close though.

Would you like to hear about it?

First of all, I slept good the night before and I was up by 6:30. I’m trying to get up earlier all the time.

It was a sunny day.

a perfect day

My husband and I prayed together before he went fishing.

I went for my walk, then came home and had my devotional time.

I cleaned some closets and ruthlessly gathered some items for Goodwill.

I cleaned my kitchen thoroughly, cleaned out the refrigerator and pantry as well.

I had lunch on the deck and scanned through some non-fiction books as research for the devotional I’m writing. (The wrinkles in the covers are gone now. Hot weather took care of that which is what I’d had thought would happen.)

outside living/deck

I prepared some salads for dinner and made some brownies. I updated my BUJO (bullet journal).

My husband came home from fishing. We ate dinner and putzed around in the yard.

So you might be wondering what made this day so special?

I wasn’t rushing from one thing to the next and I ran no errands. So that was one thing. But the best part?

I really felt God’s presence all day. I find that days when I stay home and just do ordinary things, I seem to hear God better. I was listening to my audio Bible on my phone and it’s amazing the different perspective you get when you are listening and not reading.

I had some extra time before dinner so I wrote some more on an e-book about prayer.

My husband and I had nice evening and made some plans for the next day.

Some days are wonderfully ordinary and to me those are the almost perfect days.

So what would have made it perfect? Ummm, this might:

a perfect day

Honestly, I don’t know but I’ll take today.

What about you? What makes the perfect day for you? Whatever it is, I hope you have one soon. Right now, we could all use one.

God bless. Have a great day and stay healthy.

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