We are called to pray outrageously.

Praying men and women and providence have always gone together. Men and women in scripture prayed about everything because they believed God was interested in everything that concerned them. They did not believe they were at the mercy of a tyrant called nature which they could never interrupt or change by request.

The whole history of the Israelites is a story of God’s providence. In fact, to believe the Old Testament, one has to believe in God’s providence. Think of the Red Sea. Moses calls upon God to part the seas and wouldn’t that have been against the laws of nature and yet Moses knew he could pray that boldly.

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We need to pray as boldly ourselves.

(This does not mean that medicine and good common sense aren’t to be exercised, though.)

The laws of nature didn’t carry any weight with the men and women of the Old Testament. God was above nature because God created nature and nature was under God’s law, so why not ask the creator of said nature to intercede.

We think we cannot change nature through prayer and yet people defy the laws of nature all the time and we stand in amazement. We don’t question their experience at all, but it never occurs to us that God can change the very laws of nature by our earnest praying.

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Why are we so hesitant to pray when we see God heal the “unhealable” every day? When we see people who were never to walk again, walk. When we see those who were never to do this or that again, and yet they do. I think about Dancing With the Stars and in particular a young woman who was a double amputee (both legs from the knees down), who was able to compete right up to the end. It was amazing and she certainly defied all the hereto laws of nature.

I think we don’t pray for such things because we think it seems presumptuous on our part, even audacious. And yet, if you’re like me, I pray for traveling mercies all the time for my family. I pray that God will keep my family safe when they are driving by asking that God will give his angels guard over them to protect them from irresponsible and erratic drivers.  Is that not defying the laws of nature?

God can suspend the laws of disease and nature often whether in response to prayer or not. But quite often He does do it in response to prayer. The prayer that rebukes disease or illness is not at odds with the laws of God and nature. Maybe we need new thinking about just what the laws of nature are anyway. If people are constantly defying them and succeeding, perhaps we’ve got some of it wrong.

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Simply put, we are called to pray, just like the men and women of old, about everything.

God bless and have a good day.

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