Great Christmas DIY projects you can make

What a week this is going to be, huh? But I have some great Christmas DIY projects you can make. This might help take your mind of tomorrow’s election.

There is so much I could write about, but mostly just that we have to love each other despite our political views. We need to provide a safe environment where EVERYONE can voice their opinion without fear.

So be safe these next few days. It’s probably going to be a rough stretch as tension as so high.

So I decided to provide some great ideas I found on Pinterest over the weekend. Maybe it will take your mind off all this.

Mine, too.

These would all make great Christmas gifts as well.

Dollar tree reindeer, scrapbook paper, small frames. Nothing complicated here.

Frame with plaid insert and a Dollar Tree deer head.
Cheap frame (this is a 12 x12 from Hobby Lobby that I got on clearance. (Always buy these types of wood frames when on clearance because you can do so much with them. ) The rest of the items are from Dollar Tree. Glue on scrapbook paper and the rest as desired. Some Christmas picks in the corner. That’s it.

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas DIY projects. They are so easy.

God bless and have a great day.

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