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I didn’t have Covid yesterday and why it’s almost funny

The backstory

I didn’t have Covid and why it’s almost funny is also why I didn’t post. So, I had a post almost ready yesterday but it needed some tweaking. (Apparently, the last one did, too. How those mistakes got past me, I don’t know. I apologize.)

Anyway, I decided to drop in on a friend first (we have been getting together since this whole thing pandemic began). While I was there I mentioned how cold I was. This is highly unusual I might add. But I attributed it to the fact that I didn’t have on a heavy sweater.

But by the time I went home, I was actually shivering hard. I lay down on the sofa and my husband heaped on some blankets. I kept shivering and dosing on and off. My temperature registered as normal but it was higher than my usual ninety-seven or below. I went to bed early and from the time I lay down on the sofa until I got up the next morning, was sixteen hours. For me, that’s something of a record.

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And, by the way, my left arm was aching bad throughout all this.

The Covid dilemma solved

I got up this morning, and bingo! I thought I knew what it was. It wasn’t Covid. I was having a bad reaction to my second shingle shot. So, I researched it and sure enough, that was obviously it.

sign that says "Not Today Covid 19"

I am feeling great today.

But why I didn’t laugh because so many others do have Covid

However, isn’t that what we’re all doing? We are second-guessing every ailment. If Covid weren’t lingering out there, we would just figure we were sick and that would be that. Needless, to say, though, we were scared.

Later, I got a message from my niece who is a nurse in the Covid unit of our local hospital. Two nurses have died due to Covid and another had been hospitalized for over three weeks, this last one being only thirty years old.

I feel like I dodged a bullet even though the bullet wasn’t from Covid anyway, but you know what I mean.

This is a hard time all the way around. But let’s be thankful for the good health we do have and the health scares that turn out to be nothing. Might I add, I almost feel guilty?

However, let’s continue to remember our front-line health care workers in our prayers.

God bless and have a wonderful day.

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