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How Christmas is really the same this year.

How is Christmas really the same this year despite Covid? It is, you know. But first,

I had to show you more Christmas pictures.

Where are you in decorating? Did most of you decorate as usual? I’m sure if you have small children, you did. After all, they need things as normal as possible. But what about the rest of you?

I probably only used about fifty percent of my “stash.” As a result, it just meant I had to be more creative than usual. And that was OK as well. Hubby and I are baking cookies as usual. Plus, my neighbors and I have been sharing baked goods and crafts back and forth.

What is the real message of Christmas anyway?

Really, is Christmas any different this year? I mean, the message?

What is happening in 2020 has nothing to do with what happened so many years ago. While the world has changed, God hasn’t.

Not. At. All.

However, the message of peace for the world is as real today, no, more real and applicable today, than it ever was. But just like then, we are a part of bringing that peace to the world.

So how do we play a part? Especially now.

If there has ever been a time to be a vehicle of peace it’s during this current pandemic. God needs our active participation.


God’s needs our help to deliver His peace

God needs our help.


God has always needed mankind to be His messengers. That’s what the prophets of old did; it’s what the disciples did. That’s what missionaries did.

And it’s what we’re supposed to do as well.

Are you wondering how? That’s simple.

Be kind, be generous, look for needs, and fill them. Find peace within yourself and you will share the real message of peace with everyone. Make sure your face reflects your faith.

What does God think when He sees His children squabbling with each other over politics, mask-wearing, etc. Yes, we can and should have those conversations but they can be done in peace and love. Jesus often disagreed with people, even His disciples, and yet we know He delivered His message of peace in a way as to not cause harm.

We can too.

Be God’s voice.

God bless and have a good day.

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