How God over-delivers but doesn’t over-promise

Isn’t it just great how God over-delivers but doesn’t over-promise? Unlike the rest of us.

pink rose/God always delivers

I had been pondering an issue for a few days, wats to make my writing better. I research writing and writing methods constantly, reading whatever I can.

But the answer came from a Hallmark movie. A Hallmark Christmas movie. Can you believe it?

The movie title and what the character said wouldn’t mean anything to you but when I heard her speak, “I write just like I was having coffee with someone,

Ta, da!!

Bingo. God over-delivered.

field of sunflowers/God always keeps his promises

That was it. I mean there are so many suggestions about how to write but isn’t that the one that verberates with everyone? We want to just have a conversation. We want to just have coffee and talk. Especially now.

I should add that I am quite capable of using big, important-sounding words. I can turn a phrase and make it complex and rich and all that. And, sometimes, when working on a novel, I have great fun manipulating words and phrases to come up with what I consider are great metaphors and similes, like the many twists and turns of a steep mountain road.

And that’s all good for a novel.

But for my blog, no.

If we could have coffee

close up coffee coffee cup/if two people could talk about God keeping His promises

So as a result of that someone said on a Hallmark movie, I will now write as if we were having coffee together. And I wish we could. I love getting to hear people’s stories. I am always humbled and privileged when people are willing to share their lives.

So having said all that, can I just add, look for God to give you what you need in the most unusual ways. This is the second time in three days that God has given me the resources I need before I’ve even brought them to His attention. God always over-delivers but, thank goodness, He never over-promises. He does what He says He will do.

God is good and always over-delivers.

By the way, I have always prayed as though God were sitting across from me. And sometimes I imagine us in an adorable coffee shot having latte’s together. I quit pretending with Him a long time ago when I realized I couldn’t hide from God, or fool Him. I am who I am and God, (Thank you, God), is OK with that!

God bless and let God over-deliver in your life today.

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