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The next step in prayer is a simple “Hello”

Could a simple “hello” be the next step in prayer. What is the next step in prayer? Last week I wrote that the desire to pray is the first step to prayer.

However, I also wrote the desire to pray is lacking, especially for those who are just beginning their journey of faith. I shared that the desire to pray comes from God because he desires communication with us. If we sit and just listen, the desire will come.

May require some time

This may require a number of sessions before you “feel” that desire. That doesn’t mean God wasn’t there urging you to pray. Is that you? Are you getting discouraged?

There’s a next step. Remember, if you’ve been coming God seeking that desire to pray, guess what? You do, in fact, have that desire or you wouldn’t have come before God even the first time! The problem now is you probably don’t know where to begin.

I hadn’t planned on making this a series on prayer but that’s what is happening. So Tuesdays will be devoted to this subject until I feel I’ve covered the subject. These posts will be directed to those who are new to regular prayer time. That could mean a new believer or one who is struggling in this area.

Each week will contain a simple step.

A simple “Hello” is the next step.

You might think this silly but let me give you an example. And this example will lead us to the simplicity of prayer.

I have a friend, a relatively new Christian, who begins her prayer in a most unique way. I should add she is a sincere Christian and when she prayers, her simplicity of words, blesses me every time. In fact, in the devotional I’ve written, I use her as an example.

Here’s how she begins praying, “Hello, God, it’s me, >>>>.

I love that! It’s such a simple way to begin praying.

In essence, she is saying, “Hello”.

So I am going to suggest if you’re new to all this, introduce yourself to God. Now, before all you theological types point out that God knows who we are anyway, so what’s the point? Well, I’m going to tell you.

The point of an introduction

Three steps

First, it helps you to define who you are to yourself. It keeps you from hiding. You come to God as a person who has a name, and an identity. It says, “This is me, all my history, who I am. My mistakes, my dreams, all of me.”

Secondly, it’s personal. There is no ambiguity. I think sometimes that is exactly what we do in prayer. We pray as though God doesn’t know who is sitting in front of him.

Finally, it’s a place to start. I think my friend’s way of opening her prayers makes it easier. She’s doesn’t pretend. She’s just a needy child wanting to have a conversation with her Father.

Finally, don’t shy away from prayer

Prayer is simple. Simple but not simplistic. Accordingly, as long as we think otherwise, we will shy away from prayer. So why not try introducing yourself to God.

While I don’t begin my prayers that way because I wish that maybe someone had suggested I try this when I first started praying, I think it would’ve helped. I trust it helps you.

God bless and have a good day.

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