books/more great garage sale findsGARAGE SALE FINDS

Great garage sale “finds” over the weekend.

The “Stash”, especially the books.

Found some great garage sale “finds” over the weekend and books galore.

I went to an estate sale and found this.

First, a wonderful old juice bottle. Scored for .25. Will probably use as a vase.

My husband and I were heading home from our cabin and I spotted an estate sale. Poor guy; we made many stops . What should have been a two hour trip took five hours.

old glass juice container/great garage sale finds

There is a mission store by our cabin and I always find knitting and crocheting needles. Bought these two sets of knitting needles for .25 a piece. Here are some items from last week.

knitting needles/garage sale finds

But the best bargain at the mission store is the books, ten cents each. I buy them for everyone I know. I bought over thirty books! Do the math.

stacks of books/great garage sale finds

Don’t you just love this top one? I found it very helpful for the next book I am writing. I love old books. If you collect old old books, this is a website you might find useful.

stack of books/great garage sale finds
stack of books/great garage sale finds

But God often surprises me with old valuable books.

I can’t tell you, though, the number of times I’ve found amazing old Christian theology books at garage sales. I buy any one of those I can. They have proven invaluable.

Books on theology

I have one by a Jewish theologian that has given me great insight into the heroes of the Old Testament from the Jewish viewpoint. We Christians have gotten a lot of it wrong, I might add.

And who would know better about these Old Testament figures but Jewish theologians. Right?

In my world, these are the best garage sale finds.

I know people aren’t into garage sales. But honestly, I can’t see paying even a sale price for something when I can get it cheaper. Plus, it’s all about the “hunt.”

Someday, I will take pictures of all the pieces in my home that I bought at garage sales. Actually, I can’t because that would be just about everything. I’m serious. Except for upholstered pieces and mattresses, my whole house is composed of used items.

Hope you all have a blessed day.