Picture in a frame/garage sale findsGARAGE SALE FINDS

Yea, some really great garage sale bargains.

Yea, I found some really great garage sale bargains last weekend. That frame is amazing. Scored at $2.00. Two adorable mugs, .50 each, and the purse was a little more, $5.00. I usually don’t spend that on a purse but it’s all leather and will be great for the summer.

Frame, cups, purse/garage sale finds

Now, wait till you see how a picture I painted fits this frame! There is a slight gap at the bottom but I think I have that figured out. The picture is not actually in the frame yet.

Two small felt snowmen/garage sale finds

These are adorable. About five inches tall. You will notice below the title of the book. I’ll let you know when I’m not too tired to read it.

You will notice below the title of the book. I’ll let you know when I’m not too tired to read it.

two felt snowman/garage sale finds

These are tiny little wood bowls. Think I will use for individual salt containers. I’m getting fancy, huh?

Stack of tiny wood bowls/garage sale finds
books/garage sale finds

I love Tony Evans so that was a win. Plus, I get absolutely giddy when I found an older theology book. I’ve started reading this one and it’s great.

My funny story

My SEO program I have downloaded to this computer is telling me I should add more words. For me, that’s not too hard. So I will tell you a funny story.

The mission store near our cabin sells books for .10. Yep, .10. I buy a lot there to support them and because, well, .10 a book. So the last time we were at the cabin, I bought a lot of books for my daughter. I showed my husband the box they were in and put them in the back of my car.

The next day he offered to make a Goodwill run for me and asked me what was going. I told him there a few things in my trunk. You know what happened, don’t you? I mean he even saw the box of books and knew they were for my daughter.

Obviously, he didn’t, so you know where I’m heading next time we go up, don’t you? But this time, I’m putting a sign on top that says, “Leave this box alone!”

Anyway, it was a great day for bargains.

God bless and have a blessed day.

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