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How trusting God intentionally is a good thing.

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Trusting God is an act of faith

Well, it’s Monday which means I’m supposed to share my garage sale treasures but I switched the days around this week because I want to share this with you and hope that it encourages you today. Especially if you struggle with anxiety and stress.

First, of all, if you decide to write a book and self-publish, be aware. It’s fraught with difficulties. There have been so many times I’ve wanted to quit. And when the time comes, I will give you my honest opinion of the publisher I am working with. But that’s not the point I want to make.

The point I want to make is how I completely turned around my thinking about this whole process.

Frustration and anxiety

For one thing, was frustrated and didn’t like anyone I talked to from this company. Except for today. But it has not much to do with the people I’ve talked to as it has with my own attitude and lack of understanding of what self-publishing really entails. I will write an informational post in the next few weeks that clearly informs a fledgling writer about what is and isn’t provided, mostly isn’t.

I started out loving this whole process of writing. That has never been difficult for me. There is so much floating around in my head, I’ll never get it all in print. Mostly, because I’m an avid reader and thinker. I love doing both. I absolutely love Bible study and this past year my study has been taken to a whole new level.

Fighting your way out by trusting God

But when I had to start to work with all these other people, I started to hate the whole process. I lost my joy about publishing my first book. I lost my way. (BTW, next week there will be a free mini e-book available on this website just for signing up. Accordingly, it’s called “Finding Your Way Back”. Be sure to follow this blog by e-mail to receive your free copy. Plus, I have lots of printables showcasing various Bible study methods. I’ve been way busy.”

Thanking God for your difficulties

Interestingly, I had no idea when I was writing the e-book that I was talking to myself about this current situation. I wasn’t even thinking about having lost my way as applying to my own life right now. My own e-book actually helped me! Who woulda’ thunk it?

Anyway. when I got up this morning, I was feeling a little anxious about a phone conference with the publisher scheduled for this morning. Then I read this from Jesus Calling, “When you start to feel stressed, let those feelings alert you to your need for Me. …..Thank Me for the difficulties in your life, since they provide protection from the idolatry of self-reliance.

My Bible reading then took me to Psalms 112:7 and these words jumped out at me. “He will not fear evil tidings; His heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord.”

Trusting God is up to us

If that wasn’t enough, today’s selection from Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost For His Highest”, concentrated on how to take initiative in our faith. That God saves us, yes, but that we have to take the initiative in working out the details….Well, it all came together.

I realized, though, that I had lost my joy about writing a book because I wasn’t trusting God. So today, when that phone call came, I was ready. Meaning that I determined within myself that I would not feel anxious because this is not what God wants. He wants me to trust him. To regain my joy which I believe he started anyway. So why didn’t I trust him for the process?

Trust does not come from God

God does not equip us with trust. I think a lot of Christians get this part mixed up. God states we can trust him; he gives all kinds of evidence for why. But the act of trusting is up to us. It is intentional. It is moment by moment. We don’t store up faith and trust any more than we store up grace.

stormy sea with rocky cliffs in daylight/trusting God intentionally

Finally, remember, choose to trust God for every little thing. Don’t let your joy be sullied when it doesn’t need to be. It is a choice. You are the one who chooses to trust. God can’t do that part for you. Besides, he’s already given you all the reasons to trust him in his word.

God bless and have a great day.