red and white kitchen/great findsGARAGE SALE FINDS

I found some really great items this last weekend.


I found some really great ITEMS this past weekend. The items below were one of those fill-a-bag for $1.00 sales. Not bad, huh?

accent with red

Now in case you think I have a lot of red in my home. I don’t. But I do use red as accents all the time. Colorful napkins add such a “kick” to tablescapes. My house is decorated mostly in black and white so any color works. The hat is just for me. I think these “finds’ are great.

great items/capris and knit top
great bargains/capris and knit top
great items/black eyelet skit and white top
black eyelet skirt and white top


neutral rooms with red accents

great bargains/cabin kitchen
Cabin kitchen
cabin living room
black and white furniture grouping/great bargains
section of living room that could take a pop of red
dining room and living room at Christmas time

one in, two out

I love finding great items especially when they’re also good bargains. But with everything I bring home, I, correspondingly, eliminate at least one or two items for each piece. Because of my own self-imposed rule, I don’t usually buy anything unless I can think of something to give away. Consequently, it keeps me from buying “just because”.

Also, I’m also very careful anymore about buying anything that I’m going to “redo”. However, if I find a collection of things that are very interesting, I do buy them.

While garage sale shopping is a lot of fun, I’m very selective anymore.

it’s God’s money

Furthermore, I like to think I’m being careful with God’s money. In conclusion, the truth is that even while bargain shopping we can be financially foolish.

Enjoy your day and God bless.