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A mistake corrected for this morning’s post

Making mistakes

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Boy, can I tell I’m am busy finishing up this book. You have heard me say this for months but it’s true. There have been edits on top of edits. But this time I’m really close to the finished line.

I submit this edit I’m working on and then its submitted back to me for my final approval and then it goes to print almost immediately. Finally! I feel like I’ve been giving birth for over a year.

So I hope you will forgive me for this morning’s post when I had a sentence that ended with ??????. I completely forgot to go find the paint color and insert it. The question marks were to remind me. I was working on my final edit and those question marks just popped into my head and I thought, “Oh, no!!!!” A little too late.

Anyway, I have made the correction.

I will be so glad to put this project to rest. I am so excited about this book while at the same time overwhelmed.

So, I apologize.

God bless.