I found 2,000 of the same item at a garage sale.

Yes, I found 2,000 pieces of the same thing at a garage sale over the weekend. And I am thrilled.

If you’ve been following the blog very long, you already have some good ideas.

You might think it’s pens and/or pencils, that would be a good one.

But that’s not it.

Remember, it’s 2,000 pieces. That should eliminate a lot of items except for one.

It’s PAPER!!!!

stack of printer paper/great garage sale bargain

I was leaving the sale, having not found anything, when I spotted this wonderful pile of printer paper. if you could see all I’m printing these days, you would see why I got so excited.

I am doing a lot of printing for the online Bible classes I am taking. And anytime I can get basically free paper, I am going to do it. And it was basically free.

2,000 pieces of paper for $2.00. Do the math. That’s a penny per sheet.

Not bad huh? It’s colored paper which might be even better as I can organize my files easier.

stack of pinter paper/great garage sale bargain

I know.

What can I say?

It’s sad I can get so excited about a pile of paper.

(I also get excited about piles of lumber. But let’s not go there.)

Paper makes my heart beat faster because blank sheets of paper are like an open invitation to write. My mind goes immediately to all the words in the world (even if I don’t them all) and I get so excited.

Again, I know.

If I could find a big pile of those at garage sales, I would be over the moon. 😉

Anyway, don’t judge me. I’ll bet you collect some odd things yourself.🤔a g

That’s it for today.

God bless and have a good day.