picture of Halloween DIY/DIyDIY

Something really cute and quick.

Here’s my latest cute Halloween DIY. (The rest of the story. WP is not working well on my phone these days. I schedule it sand but published! Go figure. I’ve had nothing but trouble posting to WP since I got my i-phone 11.)

I’m not including any instructions as it’s self-explanatory.

I will include the materials:

-Cute Halloween napkin-2ply with 2nd non-printed side removed.

-Mod Podge (any sheen)

-Cork or item of your choice for stem

-Clean jar with lid. (I painted the lid.)


– Felt for leaves

-Washi tape

-Glue gun

Anyway, that’s it. Easy, peasy.

picture of Halloween DIY/DIy
picture of Halloween DIY/DIy
picture of Halloween DIY/DIy
This picture looks like the napkin is loose but it isn’t. Just the camera angle.
picture of Halloween DIY/DIy