woman wearing brown shirt inside room/prayer can be a struggle at timesCHRISTMAS

A real-life Christmas miracle and it happened to me.

A real-life Christmas miracle happened to me. Well, to me and my husband. It began during the Christmas season when we were a young couple with a couple of kids and just starting our lives together.

For those of you who are struggling this year

woman wearing brown shirt inside room/prayer can be a struggle at times

But first, I want to say that I am well aware of how a story such as this can affect those who are struggling this Christmas. There are those of you that are finding it hard to celebrate this year. You’ve lost someone to Covid or something else. The tears aren’t’ stopping. I get that. I’ve had some of those Christmas’s myself.

My heart goes out to you. I mean that. Before I got out of bed this morning I prayed for all who will read this, that your hearts would be lightened by my story, that you would feel hope.

I especially think of children. If I could give every child a great Christmas, free of violence and fear, I would. If I could make sure every child had enough to eat and people to love them, I would. You would, too. But the saddest part?

I can’t.

We can’t change the world.

I can’t change the world. I can’t change your circumstances. But I can tell you a true Christmas story that I trust will bring you hope. Why will it do that? After all, it’s my story, not yours. Right?

But until it became my story, it wasn’t. Do you know what I mean? I had no idea God would open the doors He did that Christmas. Like you, I read stories about other people’s miracles never dreaming I would someday have my own.

I get that’s it hard sometimes to keep the proper perspective and not think, “Yea, right? Well, where’s my miracle?”

I don’t know.

But I DO know that God performs miracles all the time. Oh, I know that many scholars and theologians want a “miracle” to be narrowly defined. I used to as well. Not anymore.

Anyway, I hope my Christmas miracle brings you hope and lifts your heart. Every word is true.


The Christmas miracle told

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Our second child was born December 31, almost a Christmas baby. Earlier that month, our landlady died. We were worried we’d have to move in the middle of winter with a newborn and a three-year-old. My husband had graduated the year prior and had a good job but we were just starting out. We had used whatever money we had to pay for my husband’s education.

While I was in the hospital, we learned our landlady’s sisters (didn’t even know they existed) had come from Arizona to take care of her estate. That made us even more nervous. We could just imagine being kicked out into the snow by the “wicked stepsisters.”

Anyway, the sisters decided to stay in our former landlord’s upstairs apartment. (Why our elderly landlord lived upstairs and rented out the downstairs apartment, we never could figure out.) A few days after I came home from the hospital, they called and asked if they could come down and meet with us.

Fear sits in

Now, we were really scared. It’s not that we were so poor we couldn’t have found a place but we were just starting out and who wants to have to find a place in the middle of winter and how would we do it anyway? I had a newborn and a three-year-old. My husband worked during the day. That would give us weekends and evenings only. We held our breath as they began talking.

Within two weeks, this is what happened. If you don’t consider this a Christmas miracle, I don’t what you would. Yes, it did culminate shortly after Christmas but God put it all into motion earlier that month.

The unfolding of our Christmas miracle

In the course of the conversation, here is what happened.

  • We were told we didn’t have to move.
  • They offered to let us buy the house.
  • Within reason, we could name the price.
  • We could decide how much our payments would be.
  • It could be a land contract if we needed to buy it that way.

Can you imagine our reaction? It gets better. We wanted to buy the house but we didn’t have a down payment. Nada. Nothing.

“That is fine. You can be buy it without a down payment, ” they said.


We couldn’t believe what had just happened. To this day, we wonder if they were angels. We never saw or talked to them again; we just sent the checks and they were cashed.

So, now we had an upstairs apartment to rent.

You will find this astounding as well.

Our renter is also a miracle

Before we even signed the papers, a man called, after seeing our ad, and asked to see the apartment. When we met him we knew that he wouldn’t rent it once he knew it was upstairs because he was elderly. But he wanted to see it anyway. He looked at it, never blinked an eye about the steep steps, rented the apartment, and that was that. He was the only renter we ever had.

We knew nothing about him but we found out where he used to live and so we drove to his house as we were curious.

At first, we thought we had the wrong address. But no, this was the place. Or should I say, estate? It was a brick mansion with all kinds of wings and turrets. It occupied a corner lot with a black wrought-iron fence and gates no less. And there was even a carriage house! We learned he was a millionaire and one of the original owners of a big corporation in town.

Why he rented an upstairs apartment we never understood. On top of that, he was never there. He had a home in Florida and spent most of his time there. His rent was always on time and it covered our house payment. So we never had to worry about the mortgage.

A few weeks later, the bank called us and told us if we would clean up her apartment, we could have all the furniture. I still have two wonderful old dressers that are a constant reminder of that miracle.

This is all 100% true. As I write it, I can hardly believe it myself.

Why we need to remember God’s miracles

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We are told to live in the present, but sometimes we need look back. We need to remember.

Do you know the biggest reason the Israelites ran into trouble all the time? It was because they kept forgetting all that God had done for them.

God told them over and over again to “remember”. Joshuah told the priests to gather stones from the Jordan so they would remember how God brought them to the promised land. We need to remember.

Do you have any idea how many times the word “remember” is used in Scripture? One estimate is 144 times. You can find that reference here. But if you include all the forms of the word there are many more. Sometimes, when we look back, we find the courage to move forward. If we remember all God has done for us, it’s easier to trust in the future.CLICK TO TWEET

I’m glad I told you my personal Christmas miracle story. It reminded me that I need to t

Do you have any idea how many times the word “remember” is used in Scripture? One estimate is 144 times. You can find that reference here. But if you include all the forms of the word there are many more.

I’m glad I told you my personal Christmas miracle story. It reminded me that I need to take time every once in a while to look back myself, to recount all the blessings God has showered on me and my husband.

If I could talk to that young mother

If I could go back to my younger self during that December, I would have told that frightened young mother that Christmas is a season for miracles. That God would be there for us in our future as well. I would tell her she could trust God for everything. I would’ve reminded her that she had a wonderful husband and two beautiful children and that her future was going to be brighter than she could ever have imagined.

If ever we needed a miracle, it’s this year. Like most of you, I get nervous about this Pandemic. Our nation is in such turmoil, so much division. But when I think back to that year, I am encouraged. God is in the business of performing miracles, but we have to look for them. We have to see the miracles that unfold around us every day.

This morning I hesitantly dropped off freshly-baked scones at some neighbors’ homes that I don’t really know. I left my phone number in case anyone wanted me to take them back because they might be nervous about accepting baked goods from a stranger, especially certainly during this pandemic.

No one did. Instead, they texted to say hello and introduce themselves. Maybe not a miracle but certainly a feel-good moment.

Oh, how I pray your Christmas is as good as it can be this year.

God lives.

God loves.

Merry Christmas.

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