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Talking about making choices

We’ve been talking about making choices and how they must fit under our underlying principles for living.

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Underlying principles are the foundation.

We’ve learned that many people have never considered what are their principles for living in the first place. That, of course, impinges on our ability to make good choices. Everything has a foundation and choices are no different. And it doesn’t really matter what’s is going on in our lives.

When we have a detour

Yesterday, I had a hard day with my gut. It was discouraging as there have been so many avenues I’ve explore to find out the cause. And getting a doctor’s appointment right now and getting tests, etc, well, you know. I was so excited because I believed I had narrowed down the cause, caffeine, even though I don’t drink that much caffeinated coffee in the first place. So I had five glorious days of no pain and then yesterday, I was hit with a really bad day.

There were a couple of other dietary items I had wondered about so now they are on the taboo list as well.

So yesterday, there were few choice I could make. But I could still make some choices and I did. My umbrella of principles still applies. I still managed to salvage parts of my day by making choices to take time out and rest. That was hard because I had a lot I wanted to do, like working on this post.

But maybe this example is exactly what I need to share.

Some days it’s hard to make choices

You see, when we talk about making good choices, it can sound really academic and cut and dried. But life, and choices, don’t always fit neatly into a pattern, do they? We all know that for the last two years, our lives and probably our choices have certainly changed for the time being. We live in a complex world, especially because of the pandemic.

I had to work hard yesterday not to get totally discouraged. I had to purposefully claim faith and purposefully draw near to God. So I guess what I am saying is that there are going to be days when we just get through the day.

Let’s face it, some days it feels as if our choices are being made for us. But most of the time, we still have choices we can make. If for no other way, then how we react to something.

Developing our “choice” muscles

But as I said in the last post, if we have been making right choices, when we have days like that, we are better equipped to make the choices needed when we are detoured. I went to bed knowing that the choices I made within the parameters I had to work with were good choices, even if they weren’t the ones I would’ve chosen. We need to develop our “choice” muscles

Let’s face it, life is all about learning to live with the detours, death, illness, unemployment, dysfunctional relationships.

God know about our detours

But we have a God who knows all about detours. In fact, He sees all the detours way ahead of us and has prepared a way for us to either go through them or go around them. So let’s not be like the Israelites and allow an eleven day journey turn into forty year in the wilderness because of bad choices, even if we have a day like I did yesterday.

God bless you today and remember, you are always making choices.

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