a great article about the “Starbucks” uproar

Thought this was a great article so am sharing it with all of you.

It’s about the reaction of someone who doesn’t live in the United States to the whole Starbucks uproar over their Christmas cups.


Now there might come a time when I voice my objection to something related to Christmas and the Christian faith but I hope it will never be over something as frivolous as this.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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  1. Hi I followed you from Jason’s blog review. (I’m on there, too. I was just reading your disclosure. I have a registered copyright on all of my writings that is easy to get for your site and is easy to see. All of my extra things are under individual posts like yours. Click on the copyright symbol if you are interested and it will take you to where you set it up. Then you’ll have you’re entire blog legal and have a registration number. Have a great day!

    1. Hey thanks so much about the copyright. I’ll go to your blog and check it out. I have a hunch though that it really doesn’t protect one from anything. I believe you have to go through the legal system. The reason I know this is that my church was going to include my blog on the weekly bulletin. I told them I had a disclaimer and they checked with their lawyer. It really doesn’t protect anyone at all. I have a hunch, the copyright symbol is the same. However, the up side would be that it at least LOOKS official which might be a deterrent. Thanks again.

      1. You may be right but hopefully having a registration number with a date would be better protection than a disclaimer – but at least it would give the public a stronger idea not to steal. Most people don’t mind things being used as long as the proper credit is given and it doesn’t look like it is their own. This copyright isn’t offered by wordpress. I think I’ve only seen it on one other blog other than people I’ve told. I write music so I need to prove it existed before someone else tried to use any of it. Good luck to you. May we be widely successful in our endeavors!

    1. So true. If we had to worry about the really serious things that people in most other countries deal with every day,we’d think twice, wouldn’t we? I love being an American and I’m so grateful to live in the US, but sometimes, we’re just a bunch of crybabies!

  2. What’s so funny: the old cups had a lot of pagan symbolism. If anything, the Wiccans and orher pagans should be upset by the war on Yule. lol.

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