moving mountains

A woman I admire and why she encourages me

There are a lot of women I admire. Most of them within my network of family and friends.

But this woman is a total stranger to me. I don’t know her name. I’ve never spoken to her. I don’t know anyone who knows her so I don’t even have third-hand information.

But I know one thing and it’s an attribute I admire in anyone.


I’ve seen her for years taking her daily walk. She is older, short, and when she started walking, a good thirty pounds heavier.

She walks with a unique gait, a sway back and forth, almost like she’s putting all her weight on one foot and then back on the other foot. It’s a kind of a sing-song gait. You could probably check her with a metronome and it would be that steady and rhythmic.

She walks in every possible inclement weather, from pouring down rain to heavy snow.

Because of the way she walks, I know it isn’t easy for her. I sense it might even be painful.

But that doesn’t stop her.

I like people like that. I like people who have dreams, but are not “dreamers.” I like people who have dreams and then implement the things necessary to reach those dreams.

She inspires me to continue blogging and writing no matter the “emotional or circumstantial” weather.

Dreams realized are dreams worked. Period.

Even though I don’t know the spiritual beliefs of this woman, the saying below speaks to the same concept.

moving mountains

I know a lot of “dreamers” I know a lot of people who talk about what they want to accomplish in their lives. Then I know other people who have their dreams and are treading through the necessary steps to have their dreams realized.

“Lord, help me be one those. As I dream to have a closer walk with you, help me seek to do the things, practice the things, learn the things, say the things that will enable me to realize that dream.”  

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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