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My name is Rebecca. I started blogging about six years ago.

I write a lot about depression because I’ve been there, done that. Pretty much everyone in my family has as well. I’ve learned a number of skills that I feel will help others. It breaks my heart when I know someone is depressed. (By the way, a few days of feeling low, even a couple of weeks does not qualify for a diagnosis of depression.)

I’m also a Christian and I love home decorating and DIY projects. So that’s why I came up with faith, sigh, and DIY. But as of 2020, I started realize God wanted me to change direction. I will seldom post DIY projects, for now anyway.

Depression didn’t define me then and it doesn’t have todefine you either.


There is much misinformation surrounding depression. For example, we think depressed people can’t function normally. But while I was writing about depression I was also a mature Christian with lots of interests, such as interior decorating, DIY projects, leading Bible studies, raising a family, teaching, writing, etc.

I lived a pretty normal life as far as what others observed. Inside though, I was often miserable. There is such a thing called “a smiling depression”. That was me for sure.

I still have some “down” days, as does everyone else.  But a few “down” days is NOT depression. The medical community has gone too far in jumping the gun on this one.

Faith.  I am a Christian. I am conservative in my beliefs but very liberal in my acceptance and love of those who believe differently than me. I have conservative views about many things for which I do not apologize.

I will address faith issues often because it’s the most important dimension of my life. However, I will never try to badger anyone to believe as I do. That’s between you and God. I’m always open to well-thought-out comments and questions about faith issues.

Sigh.  I was held victim by depression for years.  I choose to not write about the particulars. It isn’t necessary. Besides, when people tell too much of their story, one of two things happens; either a person feels the storyteller’s life wasn’t all that bad or that their own story is much worse.

depression's prison
(I highly recommend Ms. Rowe’s book, Depression.)

One day, over twenty years ago, I decided enough was enough. I fought hard and was finally able to give depression the funeral it deserved.

I write about what I learned during the years of recovery, from my personal experience and the experiences of others, as well as lots of research. I continue to learn about mental health issues and am always checking out the latest books.

I will never lie about how I’m feeling but I don’t condone whining in myself or others. Rumination (a big word for whining) is a common symptom of depression and it’s never helpful.

Reflection, yes, rumination, no.

(The physical symptom of sighing is a common symptom of depression.  It’s also a common side effect of antidepressants.) If you happen to meet someone who is sighing a lot, they could be depressed. Sighing is like crying inside.  So I chose the word “sigh”, instead of depression and because it rhymes with DIY, even though DIY is on hold for now. )


I live in a home over one hundred years old with uneven floors, many rooms, and a weird floor plan. It’s sit on the top of what appears to be a hill, but the road actually just dips right at our driveway so it gives that illusion. The cabin sits at the bottom of a hill. Funny, huh?

We’ve pretty much remodeled every room in our home. On second thought, we have remodeled every room in our house, twice in some cases. Isn’t it serendipitous how one change, one stepping-outside -the -box, can prompt other changes?

We have a darling teeny, tiny, red cabin about two hours north. We had a she-shed built about thirty feet away and it’s even more adorable. The she-shed is about six years old so it’s growing into itself as I constantly re-decorate it with fabulous thrift store finds. It’s called LaCabinette because I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Paris a few times.

This is kind of a blurry picture. We tore out the carpet and linoleum and had a faux hardwood floor put in.  We painted that back wall in SW Caviar. I love it!
inside of cabin/kitchen

La Cabinette is where I paint, write, and overall just relax. You’ll hear me often refer to my retreat up north just as “teeny tiny red cabin”, not our teeny tiny red cabin, just teeny tiny red cabin, like someone’s name.


I just recently redecorated the she-shed to pink and gold as seen above. Here are some more pics. Everything is used, recycled, and repurposed. You can’t see the roof/ceiling but it’s whitewashed in very pale aqua. One of my favorite pieces is the hanging thing at the bottom left. I used leftover trim, ribbon, and yarn.

she-shed porch

The above picture is the porch on the she-shed. I felt it had to match the exterior of the cabin so it’s kind of weird to go in and see all pink and gold. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

This is a further away view of the she-shed which sits about thirty feet to the right of the cabin.


Three years ago we added a real bedroom, but it’s still tiny about seven hundred square feet.

I love DIY projects, painting (rooms and pictures), re-decorating my home, and helping others do the same. I knit, crochet, sew, etc. I like making jewelry, re-purposing thrift store and garage sale finds,  blogging, and most importantly spending time with family and friends.

I love traveling and am fortunate to have seen much of the world due to my husband’s many frequent flyer miles. However, this was a very trying time for both of us. We didn’t like being apart but we didn’t have much of a choice. It was that job or no job. God saw us through it though and we both agree it was good for us as individuals and as a couple.

I have a grandchild with Down Syndrome.  It was a tough time. But now it just seems as it should be. He’s doing great. I think the post that says the most about me is the post that I wrote after the birth of my youngest grandchild. I would suggest if you are visiting my blog for the first time, you read that post.

I have a long-term marriage and my husband has been my greatest supporter on my journey to emotional and mental health.

I have a huge “sweet tooth” so I have to get on my elliptical machine five out of seven days and work out with weights about twice a week. I have unruly very blond hair and bad feet that have undergone too many surgeries.

I like “girly” things but I love getting dirty working in my garden as well.

I love painting anything because I love color.


I collect scrapbook paper just for the color and pattern, and I don’t even scrapbook!

I love thrift shopping, Goodwill shopping, and especially garage sales. Every year I tell myself, “No more. You have enough junk.” But every year I fail. I just always see the possibilities which are why my friends love it when I go shopping with them. I would dumpster-dive too, if I were sure it was legal.

I blog about depression because it was my enemy for many years. I write always to encourage and educate those of you who know what depression feels like. I will never tell you to “just get over it”. I will always respond to comments and I welcome e-mails.

I don’t have all the answers but I can help. I encountered many situations during my years as a hospital chaplain. I saw people at their worst. I encountered those with doubts about their faith; those who were depressed.

As a Bible teacher and retreat leader, I was exposed to many different people and situations. People often shared their stories with me.

But most importantly I know firsthand what depression and anxiety feel like and anything I can say that will help someone get better is the main reason I blog. If you click on the depression link in the menu, you will find tons of posts.

I am now an author and have written one small e-book and am currently finishing up a sixty-day devotional focusing on Christians who struggle with depression. 

Finally, I would direct you to my ‘Books I recommend” page for some book titles you might find helpful. I’m always adding to this list.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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