listening to God

An alternative way to really know God

I’ve taken a little break for a while-not from God but from my scheduled “quiet time”. (That’s what Christians call their regularly scheduled time with God, usually in the morning.)

Sometimes, I talk too much to God and don’t listen enough.

listening to God

I need to listen more.

I find that God often speaks to me the most through studying the Bible.

For example, I am stuck right now on Jesus’s emphasis throughout scripture about “doing justice”. I find I don’t have a clue what it means-but more about that later.

This is not a suggestion for anyone to do as I’m doing unless God calls you to do it. I feel God has called me to this place for a little while.

I need to really think about what God is saying. I need to study more.

  • Who are the recipients of these statements?
  • What is going on that prompts these statements?
  • Why is this said?

There are also the “when’s” and “where’s”.

I’ve also noticed that there are some days I learn more about God when  I concentrate on my interactions with other people. For example, the last couple of days, I’ve made it a point to concentrate on my conversations.

Some people contradict themselves from one statement to the next and we get confused. What are they saying, really? We need to pin things down so there is no confusion nor misunderstanding. So we don’t walk away wondering what the conversation was about.

We limit God when we limit the ways we allow him to communicate with us.

A number of summers ago I was sitting in my garden, feeling really sorry for myself. My two grown children had moved away, each twelve hours away….twelve hours in different directions! I was devastated and pretty sure I’d never be happy again. While I sat there and shared all this with God, two little birds landed on the garden fence.

The cavorted and played. They chased each other.

You’re wondering, I’m sure, what two little birds playing on the fence had to do with God?

What I didn’t tell you was that I had asked God for a little sign that I’d get through this heartbreaking time.

Sometimes when I get discouraged, I ask God for a little encouragement, even the tiniest thing to keep me going. He always answers.

Sometimes it’s a phone call.

Sometimes I come across a statement in a book and it speaks to my situation.

Sometimes someone, often a complete stranger, says something and my ears perk up because I know God is using them to speak to me.

That day it was the birds. The carefree nature of their cavorting somehow seemed to say that life goes on, that soon I would feel carefree again.

Some would say I talked myself into reading more into the situation because I needed to.

That’s fair but if God can communicate  through a talking donkey, he can certainly send me a message through some playful birds.

We might just need to “plug-in” differently at times.


God bless and I hope you have a good day.



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