crafting my brains out

Boy, have I had a fun but exhausting couple of days.

I have at least twenty Mason jar crafts underway. (Can show you only a couple because of certain people 🙂 who might see post.)




mason jars
mason jars (These two have multiple paint layers.)

The pallet board coat racks are done.

six hook rack



six hook pallet coat rack


back of racks


pallet board coat racks
pallet board coat racks/five hook size

The signs are done. (Can show you only one because of certain people 🙂 who might see this post.)

This started out as a canvas board from Goodwill with this print.



painted board hot pink, placed sticky letters on, spray painted whole board black, peeled off stickers.

At least fifteen dozen Anzac cookies baked Tuesday. Lots of cookie dough frozen for future baking.

(ANZAC stands for Ausralia, New Zealand, Air Corps. This recipe was created so that cookies could be sent to the air corp that would withstand shipping and would last a long time. My hubby and I fell in love with these in Australia. Ours are a bit thicker. They are great dunkers. We’ve played around with this recipe to get just the right texture. You may have to try one cookie at a time until you find the crispness you want. Just make sure your “test” cookie is completely cooled before you taste it.)

ANZAC cookies


1 Cup oats (any type)

1 Cup flour

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut (They are too sweet if you use sweetened coconut.)

2 tsps. Golden syrup (found in international section in supermarket. Do not use corn syrup.)

1/2 cup butter

1/2 tsp. bicarbonate of soda

1 tablespoon boiling water


Mix oats, flour and sugar together.

Melt syrup and butter together.

Mix soda with boiling water and add to above. 

Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients.

Drop by Tablespoonfuls onto baking sheet lined with Parchment paper. 

Bake 300-325 in oven for fifteen to twenty minutes. 

(Check your oven temp. I baked mine at 325 for thirteen minutes. The longer you bake them the crisper they get. We like them really crisp so we let them brown to a golden brown. Let them cool completely before you store them.

Baking the pine cones so they open up.

Actually I “baked” them in the microwave on high for six minutes, five cones at a time.

before baking
before baking


after baking


Creating my centerpiece.





Decorating my sideboard.




Knitting. (This is really cute on.)

knitted shrug
knitted shrug

Christmas is exhausting but I love any excuse to be creative.

Hope your preparations are under way as well. Have fun.

God bless and I hope you have a great day.

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