decorating vignette ideas

Still recovering from surgery. So I’ve been cruisn’ on my stroller and re-working some areas in my house that are accessible to me.

You know, those pesky accessory arrangements that offer such a quandary. At least they do for me.

So before I show you some of the areas I’m working on, I thought I’d share some pictures of accessory arrangements I particularly like.

This first one makes good use of books and old jewelry. I love using jewelry in unexpected places.


This next one makes great use of mirrors. I never get rid of mirrors and I often use them as trays.

Here’s a good example. Figurines are from Brazil.

using mirrors/vignettes
using mirrors/vignettes

vignette2This next one is great because it uses tin-one my favorite collectibles.

vignette3This one uses the same color to bring everything together. I especially like how the space underneath the bench is filled in.


And this last one is great because of the color and the wonderful “number” sign. I have some black and white numbers I need to use like this. Notice there are five globes and the sign says “5” as well.

vignettes 5Now here’s what I’ve been working on. My hutch has been a work-in-progress. A few years ago I took off the doors and painted the hutch black. But it had the piece of wood going down the middle where the doors were attached that I could just never work around.

I finally talked my husband into sawing it off. He was skeptical but he did it anyway. I opened the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Here’s what it’s looked like until I finally got it right. I think.

dining room hutch
dining room hutch

From this to this.  Notice-no bar in the middle. All the jars, vases and bottles on this first row, I chalk-painted and distressed.

I love trays. And yes, I know the one on the left isn’t straight but because I’m still in a boot and using a “scooter” I ‘m not able to get up there and fix it. Hubby is so busy taking care of everything else, I hate to ask him to do this for me. It can wait.

I struggled with this hutch. Originally I only had white items on it but it looked to stark. When I added some small sparks of red, it softened the starkness  Like life, it will keep evolving.

dining room hutch/furniture
dining room hutch/furniture


HUTCH/FURNITURE/decorating vignette


I like these bottles better than the ones above as I waxed these. The above ones I used water based poly which is too shiny for me.

dining room hutch/furniture, chalk-painted jars, etc
dining room hutch/furniture, chalk-painted jars, etc


dining room hutch/furniture, chalk-painted jars, etc.

I love these two jars.

dining room hutch/furniture, chalk-painted jars, etc
dining room hutch/furniture, chalk-painted jars, etc

Anyway, that’s it for now. Can’t wait to get back to my life. I have so-o-o-o-o-many projects planned.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.