How depressed people are more than their illness

It’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves when we’re depressed. It easy to want to lie down and lick our wounds.

But that never, ever helps.

A short nap can help

Periodic rest can help,

but not a twenty-four hour nap. Not even post surgical patients get twenty-four bed rest! Besides, you can sleep all you want but when you wake up, the depression is still going to be there.

The other thing we can’t do is not get on with our life. My goodness, what would that accomplish? What would not doing things that bring me joy possibly help?

And, yes, I know that when we’re depressed we don’t enjoy doing what we used to, but if we at least tried, wouldn’t that perhaps spark some interest? And isn’t a “perhaps” better than nothing at all?

I’m not saying, however, should you take up a hobby your depression will just disappear. That’s just plain nonsense.

But depression is NOT a few days of feeling bad and I’m not even sure a couple of weeks of feeling bad counts either, although that’s what the “experts” suggest.

I’m only suggesting that anyone, because of illness, circumstances, etc could have a couple of bad weeks and not necessarily need to be treated for depression. This is my own opinion but more and more professionals seem to be thinking along these lines now for all illness.

I had a stressful few weeks and definitely felt “down”. But I didn’t need pills. What I needed was rest, distraction, and just plain endurance.

The medical profession is changing its views on what physical conditions actually need medication. More and more doctors are suggesting lifestyle changes as the initial course of treatment for conditions for which they used to automatically prescribe medication.

over prescribing meds

As far as I’m concerned, this change in attitude has been a long time in coming.

One of the reasons I changed the title of my blog over a year ago is because it occurred to me that having a blog with the word “depression” in the title might not be such a good idea. For one thing it gave my followers the idea that perhaps depression is all I’m about.

It isn’t.

I haven’t been clinically depressed in years. My purpose was to help those who suffering using my experience, research, training, and background as the foundation.

Depressed people are just like anyone else with any other illness. They have many sides. Depression is NOT who they are.

funny mentally illl

Just like people with other illnesses go to work, raise families, have friends,go to church, etc., so do depressed people. You just aren’t aware of their illness. (I realize there are depressed people who are too ill to get on with life but there are far many others that suffer silently and just keep taking one step after another.)

I hope this helps those of you who’ve never been clinically depressed to understand the condition a little better. And so for you who are dealing with the depression monster right now, I hope it helps you to know that someone else has been there and has come out on the other side.

God bless and I hope you have a good day

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    1. No, I schedule my posts in advance. One of the ways I manage depression is to get a good night’s sleep. It’s tops on my list of suggestions.

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