DIY/blue shelf

Check out my new blue shelf and orange accessories

(I did these projects two years ago. Chalk painting on glass is one of my favorite projects. One Christmas I painted mason jars with chalk paint for everyone in my family. It has been my favorite project so far. I’ve often said, if I came into a financial windfall, I don’t know what I’d do because I would have a really hard time buying anything new.)

There were some DIY projects I felt the need to have done before March 27 (surgery date). Like re-covering some pillows. I never have to buy a pillow. I just keep re-covering them. I hope you keep your pillows. It should be a decorating rule:

Never throw away pillow. Never give away a pillow.

Keep your pillows!!!!!!!

Speaking of fabric…..(we were, weren’t we?)

I bought some fabric for a skirt. Yes, I just changed the subject but it’s still about fabric.

I laid out the pattern and didn’t have enough fabric. Length was fine. It was the width. I’ve never had to buy more than just the length of the skirt. So-o-o-o-o I’m trying to make this pattern work and just couldn’t. So I had a thought.

Could it possibly be that the width was narrower than usual. The most common width for a cotton or cotton/poly blend is usually 45″. This fabric measure 42″ and that included the salvaged edge.

I went back to the store for more fabric for a different skirt. But this time I asked the clerk to measure the width. Guess what? It, too, was only 42″. I asked the clerk if she was aware that fabric was narrower these days and she said, “Yep”. It’s just like containers at the grocery store.”

We discussed this and I pointed out that most patterns still use 45″ as their standard so pattern makers are behind the trend. Now, if you’re needing more fabric than just your length, you’d probably never notice this. But, if like me, you’ve always bought less fabric than the pattern calls for, this really makes a difference.

That same day I bought knit fabric for a maxi-skirt. Most seamstresses know that knits are generally either 54-60″ wide. I had the clerk measure this piece as well. Guess what? It measured 48″.

I’m sharing this as a kind of heads-up to all you “sewers”  out there. Pay attention to the fabric width before you buy.

This was one of the two pillows I covered. Two bucks apiece-Goodwill. Perfect shape. There is a third smaller pillow I also covered but I forgot to take a picture of it.


Here are the finished pillows. How great do they look with my bedspread? Walmart is still carrying this quilt and shams now at full price. The quilt was on clearance for $30.00. The pillow shams were regularly priced at $20.00. The quilt is big enough for my antique bed which sits very high so the size was a concern.



I know, I know. Should’ve taken “process” pictures. But there are all kinds of links on Pinterest. Here’s is one to make the bow.

making fabric bows

Speaking of bows, I hot glued it after as I ruffled it and then hot glued it to the pillow. All fabric from JoAnn’s.

Then I had this shelf over the bed that was a little too bland for my orange and blue theme.

 Here’s the shelf I painted. I used Lagoon Blue and then over-sprayed it in black to soften the blue.

blue shelf/orange accessories
blue self
blue self/orange accessories

I painted the candle holder last year. It was silver but nicked in a few places. I sprayed it Fire Engine Orange and then placed masking tape at various places while paint was still wet. Then I pulled it off and the orange paint came off. It’s just another way to distress.

orange candleholder
orange candleholder


orange bowl after light sanding
furniture  polish
This is the furniture polish I used instead of paste. I’d never get paste wax out of the grooves. I could’ve used poly but didn’t want that much of a sheen. I thought my idea was genius!
bowl distressed and "oiled"
bowl distressed and “oiled”


bowl and glass container
bowl and glass container

I needed some height so I just put the one container on top of the other. Pretty cute, huh?


blue self
blue self

09-img_0999God bless and I hope you have a good day.