Do You Believe? The movie and my thoughts

I don’t necessarily like “Christian” movies just because they are labeled “Christian”. Like any movie, there are good ones and bad ones.

This  one, DO YOU BELIEVE?, is excellent. Probably because it has two Oscar-winning actors, Sybil Shepherd and Mia Sorvino.

Yes, there are a couple of story-lines that are fairly predictable. But then there are some surprises as well.

I highly recommend this movie because it reminds us how our lives really are intertwined and how there is often a”Pay It Forward” effect when we share God’s love. That we never know how our sharing can snowball and touch lives of people we might never meet.

The movie focuses on the cross. And wouldn’t you know it, a week ago I started reading “Sparkling Gems of the Greek”,  daily devotional a friend recommended. Because Easter was early this year, this devotional is only now addressing the crucifixion. Therefore, the cross stands paramount.

So seeing “Do You Believe?”  which also focuses on the cross, synthesized it all together for me.

Just like any other Christian, I get discouraged when I don’t see answers to my prayers. But this movie reminded me that God sees the big picture. That he is always working in answer to my prayers.

I encourage you to see it. You will come away inspired and besides, aren’t you getting tired of all the violence, crude language, and sex in movies today? Whether you buy into the theology or not, at least you’ll walk away feeling clean.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.