Do you know what a “three-day journey” is?


Do you know what a “three-day journey” is? I hadn’t heard of it either until the pastor at our little country church we attend when we’re at the cabin, began such a series. Actually, there are a number of three-day journeys in scripture but I’m only going to focus on one today.

The three-day journey from the crucifixion to the resurrection.

I wonder what was going on in the disciple’s mind during the three-day journey from crucifixion to the resurrection. I’m sure they were distraught and wondering how they could have got everything so wrong. I mean how does the Savior of the World allow himself to be killed? Apparently, he wasn’t the king they had hoped he would be.

I wonder what they were thinking to themselves.  Of course, at the beginning of those three days they had no idea it would only be three days. As far as they knew, it was over and done with. They would have to find a way to reconcile everything Jesus said and did with this new reality, that he was gone. Their ministry was defunct. How do you proclaim this Jesus, who now lies dead in a tomb, is the savior of anything?

Three years wasted.

Have you been there? You look back and say, “Has it really been then that long? Have I really been dealing with this situation that long?” Have I wasted my time?


My mother voluntarily gave up driving over four years ago. I thought that was my worst nightmare come true. I saw it as an end, not a beginning.

But it was a beginning. A time for God to grow me in patience, time management, grace, mercy, but mostly trust:

trust that God is always at work in us and will always see us through whatever comes our way, whether by His hand, our own, or someone else’s.

Everyone has their own faith journey. For some, like our former pastor and his wife, it has been over twenty years as they deal with ongoing life-threatening issues due to his liver transplant. And yet they would tell you the blessings have far outweighed the struggles. He has lived far longer than anyone ever expected.

As I hear my husband vacuuming upstairs (I know, I’m blessed beyond anything I deserve), I think of the many “three-day journeys” we’ve had due to some past health issues.

“Three-day journeys” can be three days, six months, twenty years. It’s that period of time when we have to walk by faith if we’re going to walk at all.

You know you’re on a “three-day journey” of some kind or another whenever you find yourself impatient for answers. 


My encouragement for you today is simply to trust. But to trust God we have to be in his word and he has to be in our heart. Not in some superficial, positive-thinking kind of nonsense but in a deep understanding of who God is and how he works.

Don’t haphazardly spit out some words you hear other Christians say. Don’t just fall into the trap of thinking that somehow everything is going to fall into place because you said some magic words.

This is no way means we don’t have hope. We should always remember that God can do “far-more than we can even imagine”. (Ephesians 3:20)

But let’s face it, Christians get sick. Christians have bad things happen to them. We live in an increasingly evil world. We are not immune. Just because you say, “it’s all good” doesn’t mean it will be in the sense that everything turns out the way you want it to. The only “all-good” will come when “every knee will bow………. and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”……. Philipians 2:10-11

What God says in his word, he will do. Period. But you have to know what that is before you can claim it.

God bless and I hope whatever faith journey you are on, you won’t give up till “resurrection” is made real in your life.





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  1. I am sorry to hear about your mom. It’s tough, isn’t it, to see someone you love suffer. At least you have your faith in common which I’m sure it helps. God bless you Rosie and I hope things change soon for you.

  2. Thank you again for your piece on 3 day journey, It was so helpful as usual and timely for me. I have an 89 year old mum who is quite low at the moment with various physical problems. We both love the Lord but life is not always easy is it? love from Rosie

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